Times Square Cinema signs with Cinedigm

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Thu, 02/25/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Times Square Cinema of Tyler Texas and a member of the National Association of Theatre Owners Cinema Buying Group has signed an agreement to deploy digital projection systems with Cinedigm. Cinedigm is working with many small exhibitors using a newly completed contract template developed for the (CBG) members.  The CBG represents more than 600 members of various sizes that collectively have over 6 000 screens.   Times Square Cinema selected Cinedigm’s Exhibitor-Buyer financing plan which means the exhibitor will purchase its own digital cinema systems and Cinedigm will administer and manage the systems under its virtual print fee agreements with all the major studios for up to a ten-year term. 

Times Square Cinema which operates six screens has selected Sonic Equipment Company based in Iola Kansas as their service provider. “We are very excited to be outfitting our theatre with digital cinema on all screens ” says Howard Charba owner of Times Square Cinema. “Cinedigm and the CGB have worked together to ensure that even the smallest independent exhibitors can transition to digital cinema bring new and innovative programming to our customers and compete with the larger chains.”   
  “Times Square Cinema is an excellent example of a company that is served by our CBG Exhibitor-Buyer Agreement.  It enables them to invest in their own business in order to compete in a changing market.  We’re delighted to have Times Square join the Phase 2 plan ” says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. Chuck Goldwater president of Cinedigm’s Media Services Group says “Times Square Cinema has been ahead of the curve in beginning a transition to digital cinema that makes sense for an independent cinema.  Cinedigm is proud to provide our Phase 2 plan which will enable Times Square to enhance even further their capability to bring the best quality programming including alternative content options to their audiences.”