Technicolor-PostWorks New York Official Sponsor for the Hamptons International Film Festival

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Wed, 10/08/2014 - 14:18 -- Nick Dager

St. VincentIn keeping with its long tradition of support for independent film, Technicolor-PostWorks New York is serving as Official Post Provider to the Hamptons International Film Festival. New York’s most comprehensive supplier of post-production services for motion pictures and television, the facility is handling editorial finishing and deliverables for a variety of media that will be viewed prior to and during the festival. The 22nd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival takes place October 9-13.

“It's reassuring to have the support of a leading post facility like Technicolor-PostWorks New York as technology continues to evolve and the festival takes on new digital exhibition formats,” said HIFF executive director Anne Chaisson.  “I have relied on their experienced team for my own films and am excited to collaborate with them again through the festival.”

Technicolor-PostWorks has been a strong partner to independent film through its support for festivals and as a key post-production service provider to independent feature films, documentaries and shorts. It is also a sponsor of The Woodstock Film Festival (October 15-19) and DOC NYC (November 13-20), and is a past sponsor of such festivals as Sundance and Tribeca.

Several films screening at this year’s Hamptons International Film Festival completed post-production at Technicolor-PostWorks. They include:

St. Vincent, Theodore Melfi’s comedy about a single mom (Melissa McCarthy) who recruits her grumpy neighbor (Bill Murray) to babysit her 12-year-old son; John Lindley, cinematographer; Sarah Flack and Peter Teschner, editors. Technicolor-PostWorks provided 35mm film processing and dailies services; Chris Gennarelli, dailies colorist. Editorial conforming and color grading was completed at The Room; Allie Ames, conforming editor; Jack Lewars, colorist.

Low Down, Jeff Preiss’s drama about the life of pianist Joe Albany; Christopher Blauvelt, cinematographer; Michael Saia, editor. Technicolor-PostWorks provided color grading and deliverables; Tim Stipan, colorist.

Stray Dog, Debra Granik’s documentary about biker and Viet Nam vet Ron “Stray Dog” Hall; Eric Phillips-Horst, cinematographer; Victoria Stewart, editor. Technicolor-PostWorks provided color grading services; Sam Daley, colorist.

Sure Thing, Deborah Reinisch’s short comedy about a couple who meet over a café table, Chris Heinrich, cinematographer; Gordon Holmes, editor.  Technicolor-PostWorks provided color grading services; Sam Daley, colorist.

Technicolor Post-Works also provided DCP and/or film-out services for Madame Bovary (Sophie Barthes, director) 5 to 7(Victor Levin, director) Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (David Zellner, director) and Time Out of Mind (Oren Moverman, director).

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