Technicolor Adds Four 2K Processors for HD Encoding Work

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Tue, 06/10/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Los Angeles-based Technicolor Creative Services has purchased four Digital Vision DVNR 2K image processing systems for use in high-definition DVD compression and authoring work. The systems equipped with AGR4 ME and ALS options enable Technicolor to manage film grain and video noise and correct for the artifacts that often occurs when encoding images for high-resolution formats such as Blu-Ray. The new systems are installed in Technicolor’s Burbank DVD facility. They’re being used to pre-process images for new titles that Technicolor’s clients release in HD and to enhance images in existing titles for re-release in higher-resolution formats. Chuck Null vice president of technology for Technicolor DVD says “We’ve worked with DVNR systems for years and with the DVNR 2K we can now offer image processing services in the HD realm. What’s great about the DVNR is the tie-in to time code from the video source. We can frame accurately go through and make enhancements to the video. With some systems you just blanket the entire film. The DVNR has applications that are individually controllable – aperture noise reduction filtering – and we use all of those together. Our team has experience with the DVNR and deep understanding of image processing. It’s more of an art than a mechanical process.” Digital Vision president and COO Simon Cuff says “Directors cinematographers colorists and digital artists work hard to develop create and maintain the look of their films and shows. When the production gets distributed it has to be encoded and that is where the hard work can get undone. We’ve developed the DVNR 2K to ensure that real time automatic pre-processing can preserve and even enhance the viewing experience and ensure that the creative intent is delivered to the audience without compromise.”