Technicolor 3D Gains Studio Support

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Mon, 06/28/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Technicolor has announced that it has secured support from five motion picture studios for the international release of theatrical content in the Technicolor 3D format.  The studios include: DreamWorks Animation Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures The Weinstein Company and Warner Bros.  The first international release in Technicolor 3D will be Shrek Forever After from DreamWorks Animation in Germany.  Other countries included in the international launch of Technicolor 3D are the United Kingdom Spain Italy and Japan.     To date Technicolor says it has installed its film-based 3D system in more than 200 screens in North America. “We are very pleased to announce the progression of Technicolor 3D with the international support of five major motion picture studios” said Joe Berchtold president of Technicolor Creative Services.  “The support from these studios further demonstrate that Technicolor 3D is a viable solution to bridge the gap to digital and we are pleased to bring 3D to even more consumers in these key international territories.” “There are a number of exhibitors around the world that don’t currently have access to the capital required to convert to digital.  Until digital conversion is possible for these exhibitors overseas we believe Technicolor 3D provides a valuable service in enabling certain theaters to show our movies in a high quality manner to audiences who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience them in the theater in 3D ” says Ann Daly COO DreamWorks Animation. More than 20 3D titles have been announced for 2010 including Shrek Forever After and MegaMind from DreamWorks Animation/Paramount; The Last Airbender from Paramount; Cats and Dogs Legend of the Guardians and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 from Warner Bros.; Despicable Me and My Soul To Take from Universal Pictures and Piranha 3D from The Weinstein Company. Technicolor