Studio Movie Grill in College Park Plaza Opening Soon

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Wed, 09/04/2013 - 15:25 -- Nick Dager

The Studio Movie Grill at College Park Plaza, Indianapolis, the latest digital cinema theatre from Dallas-based Studio Movie Grill is scheduled to open in less than a month.

SMG College Park will house a thirteen-screen upscale theater, complete with Texas Instruments DLP powered projectors by Christie and Dolby, MasterImage's Clarity 3D systems and an expansive menu for in-theater dining. Once hiring is completed the theater will employ more than 200 people.   

"We are looking forward to offering not only the best in in-theater dining for residents in the area, but also to becoming a true partner in the community and providing Indianapolis with numerous economic opportunities," said Studio Movie Grill founder/owner/president, Brian Schultz. 

In addition to hiring over two hundred local staff members, many of the management positions at Studio Movie Grill have been filled by local residents.   "It's great for our opening team to have a vast knowledge of the local community, and to know exactly what is important to each of our guests," said Schultz.

Studio Movie Grill