Starplex Cinemas Adds 123 Digital Screens

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Wed, 05/12/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Starplex Cinemas of Dallas Texas will convert 123 additional screens to digital cinema using Barco's new Series-II projectors. As part of Cinedigm's Phase 2 digital cinema deployment program the conversions are underway with full deployment expected by November. Barco's turnkey installation which also includes servers by GDC Technology will be supported by Barco's Network Operations Center and 24/7/365 Call Center. Barco's new DP2K-C series projectors will be used in Starplex's small and mid-sized venues. For their large-scale auditoriums Starplex will employ the new DP2K-32B projector. As the flagship of the Series-II lineup the DP2K-32B is the ultimate 3D machine delivering the industry's brightest image. All six new Series-II projectors include next-generation electronics specifically designed for DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K. These projectors will be connected to central library servers which will store content and will use Cinedigm-developed software to manage and program each auditorium's playlists from a central location using the movies trailers advertising and other content stored on that central server. Starplex Cinemas first installed Barco digital cinema projectors in 2008. “Starplex is excited about the continued relationship with Barco ” says Steve Holmes CEO of Starplex Cinemas. “Since our first conversion to digital the entire Barco team has provided us with excellent support and service. Based on this proven track record Barco was the clear choice for Starplex to convert our entire circuit.” “Starplex is a highly respected exhibitor that's no stranger to the digital cinema space and we're proud to say that they're a very satisfied Barco customer ” says Joe DeMeo director of sales for Barco Digital Cinema NA. “Across the entire Starplex circuit they're a great company with a superb technical staff and we look forward to implementing their migration to Barco Series-II projectors.” Barco Starplex Cinemas