South Africa’s Nu Metro Converts to Digital Cinema with AAM VPF Deal

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Mon, 11/18/2013 - 13:17 -- Nick Dager

South African exhibitor Nu Metro is working with Arts Alliance Media to convert its 149 screens converted to digital cinema under AAM’s Virtual Print Fee model.

The rollout, which has already begun and will be concluded by the end of November, will see digital equipment configured and installed by AAM engineers at 16 Nu Metro sites across South Africa. Each site will also be installed with Screenwriter, AAM’s Theatre Management System software to manage and automate the running of the complex.

Luke Roberts, general manager of Nu Metro said, “Having started our digital conversion already, we’re pleased to be able to join forces with Arts Alliance Media, and benefit from their extensive digital cinema expertise, as well as the funding provided by the VPF model. We look forward to being able to offer customers in all of our cinemas, all the benefits that digital cinema brings.”

Howard Kiedaisch, chief executive officer of Arts Alliance Media said, “Nu Metro was the first company to open an all-digital cinema in South Africa several years ago, and we’re always delighted to help digital pioneers complete a full conversion of their estate.  The Nu Metro team have always been innovators in digital cinema and we’re really pleased to be working with them.”

Arts Alliance Media, which is the only cinema services company to have active VPF deals for Europe, South Africa and Latin America, also has a digital cinema rollout agreement with South Africa’s leading chain Ster Kinekor.

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