Sony Unveils Verona LED Panels Built for Virtual Production

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Mon, 09/11/2023 - 09:37 -- Nick Dager

Sony Electronics has announced four new crystal LED displays under the product name Verona, purpose-built to meet the needs of virtual production applications.

Sony Electronics has announced four new crystal LED displays under the product name Verona, purpose-built to meet the needs of virtual production applications.Each new panel benefits from technology advancements developed over several years and supported by the guidance of filmmakers, with the goal of bringing new levels of quality and efficiency to in-camera visual effects applications.

Key to this was the development of a new Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology, able to deliver deeper black-level expression while greatly reducing contrast loss caused by light from adjacent LED panels and studio lighting equipment. This company says this technology significantly reduces the difference in contrast between the image projected on the LED display and the actor(s) performing in front of it on set – blending virtual and real in a natural way, reducing time and cost required for post-shooting adjustments.

For the new Verona series of LED panels, Sony worked closely with industry leaders to create a new easy-installation 1:1 cabinet design so that production crews can quickly and efficiently assemble a display that matches the desired stage size.

They feature large, easy grip handles, locating pins for easy alignment and a lever-type locking mechanism which can be operated without tools. The Virtual Production series not only adapts to LED designs that are curved, hanging, and stacking, but now the frames are stronger to support more weight, enabling self-stacking screens up to 23-feet high. The LED surface and edges are protected by Sony’s unique surface technology and specifically designed protection mechanisms that prevent damage during installation.

“As virtual production expands, Sony is uniquely positioned to provide an ecosystem of solutions – from our Venice digital cinema cameras and Crystal LED displays – to the workflows, and expertise creatives require,” said Kevin O’Connor, senior director, cinematic production solutions, Sony Electronics. “The new purpose-built Crystal LED Verona displays are a critical piece in creating virtual productions that frictionlessly marry the real and the virtual realms. Through the support of some of the most innovative filmmakers, we’ve developed a new high-quality technology that is poised to simplify and enhance virtual production through its ease of use and compatibility while enabling powerful new forms of expression.”

Verona has been designed to work with leading virtual production LED controllers. The ZRD-VP15EB/23EB works with Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40, and the ZRD-VP15EM/23EM works with Megapixel’s HELIOS Processing Platform.

The new ZRD-VP15EB model also sees a roughly 27 percent power consumption decrease when compared to the current ZRD-B15A model.

The new Verona is expected to become available in Spring 2024.