Sony Opens 3D Technology Center

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Fri, 02/12/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony Corporation has announced that it will open the Sony 3D Technology Center at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City California to train and nurture a community of experts in the rapidly growing market of 3D entertainment. The announcement was made by Sir Howard Stringer chairman CEO and president of Sony Corporation. The new center will offer professionals from across the industry a hands-on opportunity to learn more about the techniques and equipment used to create top-quality 3D productions of all kinds - including sports movies television and games. The center will also feature Sony's top-of-the-line business and professional products which are widely used in capturing manipulating and displaying 3D productions. Our mission is to support the spread of high quality 3D throughout the marketplace says Chris Cookson president of Sony Pictures Technologies Sony Pictures Entertainment and chief officer of the Sony 3D Technology Center Sony Corporation of America. Modern technologies and techniques can create much more natural and realistic 3D than most people had experienced in years past so we have an interest in helping the industry as a whole seize this opportunity to give audiences really great 3D experiences. People must reliably and consistently be able to enjoy what is presented in 3D for it to gain acceptance in the long term. Making 3D is easy but making good 3D is hard says Buzz Hays senior vice president of the Sony 3D Technology Center Sony Corporation of America. I've had the pleasure of making 3D movies with Hollywood's true pioneers over the last five years and I am excited to dedicate my time fully to sharing what we've learned as this medium makes its way toward primetime.

 The 3D Technology Center is scheduled to open this month.