Sony DCSS Group Signs Deployment Agreement with Disney

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Mon, 04/13/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony Electronics' systems integration division the Sony Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group has entered into a non-exclusive digital cinema deployment agreement with Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. The companies will work together to provide operational and financial resources to exhibitors that encourage them to feature Sony's 4K SXRD projection technology in both 2D and 3D digital cinema-enabled screens across North America and Europe. Sony's digital cinema group has now signed digital cinema deployment agreements with four major studios: Walt Disney Twentieth Century Fox Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Disney continues to be very excited about the possibilities of digital cinema and has long supported new technologies that give moviegoers the best possible theatrical experience and provide a wide range of benefits to our partners in exhibition says Anthony Marcoly president sales and distribution for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. We're pleased to be working with Sony's Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group in deploying this advanced technology and finding new ways to help theater owners upgrade their equipment economically and efficiently. Sony's 4K projection system offers magnificent state-of-the-art technology and gives theaters the flexibility for high-quality 2D playback as well as the increasingly important ability to display spectacular 3D productions. With 17 3D feature films in the Disney pipeline ranging from great animated fare to fantastic live-action epics we believe that 3D exhibition and digital cinema are vitally important to the future of movie going. The Sony DCSS group was formed to provide turnkey solutions for exhibitors enabling them to efficiently convert their operations to digital technology. In addition to digital projection system deployment the DCSS group will offer installation and maintenance services customized solutions delivery of alternative content programming and high-level service support. Walt Disney Studios is known for its innovative and pioneering work throughout the history of cinema says Mike Fidler senior vice president of Sony's DCSS group. It's only natural that they are among the studios on the forefront of our industry's move toward 4K digital technology and we are truly excited to be working with them.