Sonic Equipment Now Implementing CE+S Cielo

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Tue, 10/24/2017 - 15:48 -- Nick Dager

Sonic Equipment has announced that it is now implementing Cinema Equipment and Supplies’s Cielo platform, a cloud-based, remote monitoring, technical support and predictive analytics solution across all their customers. The company says this will allow Sonic to increase business efficiencies and provide superior customer support. For the past two years, Sonic and CE+S assisted each other with field services. Now, following this formal partnership, the two companies can work together to be a stronger force in the cinema industry and offer even better and more efficient service to Sonic and SOS clients.

"I'm very excited to start a new path of monitoring growth for Sonic,” said executive director Ron Hageman. “We want what's best for our customers, and with our field experience and support staff, I feel that this monitoring partnership with CE+S will help us continue to provide the best service.”

“We leveraged on our more than 30 years of experience to develop and implement technology that can remove the hassles of theater support operations, so the exhibitors can focus their efforts in attracting more customers to their theaters,” said Alex Younger, vice president of sales services at CE+S. “We are very pleased to share this vision with a strong partner like Sonic and deliver Cielo benefits to their vast network of customers”

“We at Sonic are incredibly excited about this announcement,” said Chris Stevens, director of Sonic Services. “We know that Cielo provides the best-in-class solution available today. Utilizing the Cielo platform will enable us to provide the best services possible to our customers, while also staying on the cutting edge of cinema technology.”

“We believe that the cinema industry still has yet to capture the value of digital technologies that are available, we are continuously improving our IoT platform,” said CE+S CEO Guillermo Younger Jr. “At CE+S so service providers and exhibitors of any size alike can seamlessly integrate it into their business process and achieve efficiencies that translate into cost savings. We are thrilled to partner with Sonic’s expertise to further expand the adoption of Cielo in the industry.”