Sneaky Big Studios Selects Sony F55 4K Cameras

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Thu, 05/05/2016 - 12:54 -- Nick Dager

Media design and integration firm DigitalGlue is designing the facility for Sneaky Big Studios, set to be one of Arizona’s biggest production companies when it opens in July. Starting with a blank page, the company has selected Sony’s F55 4K cameras as its camera of choice.

"Our decision to standardize on the Sony F55 camera is one of the most important decisions we made for our business," said Stephen Brain, vice president and general manager, Sneaky Big Studios. "Image acquisition is key in what we're able to accomplish. We're set on doing the best and that's why we're using the Sony F55's."

Throughout the selection process, DigitalGlue made a determined effort to look at camera selection through fresh eyes, to enable its clients to come to a conclusion based on a hands-on experience.

"The Sony F55 promises to be the camera of the 4K production era," said Sean Busby, president and co-founder of DigitalGlue. "It's tempting to recommend gear based on the opinion of others in the business and reputation alone. Here, our client wanted to make a choice based on critical evaluation without preconceptions. This analysis resulted in all of our confidence in the F55."

"When you raise the bar in the production community as Sneaky Big Studios is set to do, it creates a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the local production scene," said Alex Rossi, manager, product marketing, Sony Electronics. "The F55 has been making waves since the day we announced it and continues to do so. We have tremendous respect for what Sneaky Big Studios and DigitalGlue have set out to accomplish and look forward to seeing them take the industry by storm with the beautiful images they'll be capturing with the F55."