SMPTE New York Considers Production Options for HDR and WCG

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Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:23 -- Nick Dager

The June meeting of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, New York region, will be devoted to discussions surrounding two essential topics facing the video industry today – the 2110 SMPTE production standard for video-over-IP and how to optimize video signals for wide color gamut and high dynamic range formats.

During the first half of the meeting telecom consultant and active SMPTE committee member, Wes Simpson, will lead a discussion addressing the 2110 production standard for video-over-IP. Simpson will walk members through the various aspects of this standard and how essences are carried. This new standard permits the interconnection of essences through IP, allowing access to video/audio/metadata, without returning to SDI.  

During the second half of the June meeting, Stephen Birdsong, Rohde & Schwarz global manager for Premium Content Solutions, will address the various methods of capturing, processing and delivering video in HDR. Methods include PQ, used by Dolby Vision and open-sourced HDR10, as well as HLG, proposed by the BBC and NHK. Birdsong will discuss these methods in great detail, including their EOTF/OETF characteristics, gamma curves, and color volume, as well as how the different formats can coexist, interact with standard dynamic range (SDR), and how to maintain a cohesive production environment.

Rhode and Schwarz will have content and displays on hand to demonstrate some of this as well. The meeting will be held on June 7 at the AT&T building on 33 Thomas Street, starting at 5:30.