SmartJog and Ymagis to Partner on Digital Distribution to Cinemas

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Wed, 02/24/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

SmartJog a digital delivery service provider and Ymagis a digital cinema deployment company have signed a non-exclusive partnership agreement to integrate their technologies to offer a full digital cinema solution to Ymagis cinema operator clients.   In the first phase operators will be able to equip their cinema with a SmartJog Gateway integrated with their Ymagis Central Server. In the next phase Ymagis and SmartJog plan to install the SmartJog software solutions directly onto the Ymagis Cinema Central Server so that the latter can also serve as a reception Gateway. The companies say that exhibitors will benefit from efficient use of equipment space and efficiency of workflows. Ymagis clients will have access to SmartJog digital delivery services similar to what they currently have with the Ymaginet service. The integration will be completely transparent using the tools available on the Ymagis Central Server. The two companies may use each other’s delivery network. In particular the Ymagis mastering facility will be able to deliver Digital Cinema Packages to cinemas connected to the SmartJog network. Initially the implementation will begin with the French market and next the plan is to rapidly extend their services to all countries in which they have a presence. The two complementary services allow distributors and exhibitors to benefit from an integrated and complete solution for content distribution and reception. SmartJog Ymagis