Sklavis Film Lab Upgrades

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Sun, 08/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sklavis Film Lab in Athens Greece has installed a refurbished Rascal Digital and Pandora Pogle Film Scanning Suite for both new and archive productions. Sklavis’s requirements were for a high quality high speed HD and 2K-film scanner with extensive color correction as well as audio capabilities. The company chose Cintel’s Rascal Digital ‘data-cine’ film scanner fitted with 16mm and 35mm film gates SD and HD video outputs 2K HSDL Data outputs and coupled this with a Pandora controller and color correction solution as well additional Sound Follower and Keycode tracking equipment. Digital intermediate technician Giannis Kouretis says “We have a requirement to scan a large quantity of new and archive film predominantly to 2K data.  The Rascal Digital speed performance in 2K at 15fps as well as real-time HD is very powerful.  Our needs included additional primary and secondary colour correction as well and the Pandora system was able to provide this.  To complete the film-scanning suite we needed a Keycode tracking system and additional audio capabilities.  We found to be a very comprehensive tool to help us specify what we need and to get a good idea of the budget required.  Cintel was then able to provide an entire package including shipping installation and a warranty which ensured complete peace-of-mind for us.” Simon Clark Cintel’s business development manager says “Sklavis Film Lab is a demanding customer with high specifications requirements.  We’re really happy to have been able to supply a very high quality film scanning solution at a cost which was acceptable.  To be able to provide an entire suite install it and offer on-going support was our goal and the Cintel team performed the task admirably.” Cintel International