Showtime Cinemas, Taiwan, Automating with AAM Screenwriter TMS

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Thu, 02/28/2019 - 12:48 -- Nick Dager

Showtime Cinemas, Taiwan, is automating their content management using Arts Alliance Media’s Screenwriter theatre management system. Local integrator Dacoms Technology is handling the installation.

Showtime Cinemas, one of Taiwan’s top cinema chains, is deploying Screenwriter across their entire estate of 160 screens. As they expand, Screenwriter will help them drive greater operational efficiency, promote excellent customer service, and deliver future strategic initiatives. They decided to upgrade their TMS to Screenwriter, a more flexible, robust solution, to ensure they can achieve these ambitions.

“Powerful solutions like Screenwriter are integral to supporting the effectiveness of our site staff, reaching our business goals, and ensuring our continued success,” said Willy Liao, general manager at Showtime Cinemas. “We knew that Screenwriter would improve our processes, and it has already proven it was worth investing in.”

Screenwriter is the most powerful, flexible, and widely deployed TMS in the world, and manages millions of screenings per year on over 40,000 cinema screens. It enables staff to schedule features, trailers and advertisements, monitor screens, and control playback all from one intuitive interface. Any potential content, key delivery message, and connectivity issues are highlighted so they can be resolved ahead of time and keep screenings on schedule. As well as automating hardware commands and common theatre operations, such as playlist and schedule building, it ensures that the correct KDMs are available and ready ahead of playback.

Screenwriter customers also have access to AAM’s free ScreenConnect add-on, which facilitates fully automated KDM delivery through AAM’s pioneering collaboration with Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema. It allows any KDMs generated by DTDC to be delivered directly from DTDC’s systems to the exhibitor’s screen servers, and provides DTDC with delivery confirmation so that they can proactively resend any KDM that didn’t reach its destination.

“We’re very proud to bring the best solutions in the world to cinemas in our region,” said Emily Hong, president at Dacoms Technology. “Partnering with Arts Alliance Media means we can offer Showtime Cinemas, and exhibitors like them, a fully-featured, world-class TMS.”

Patrick Foley, CEO of Arts Alliance Media, added, “We’re delighted to have, once again, been selected as a trusted software partner by one of the top exhibitors in the region. It is always inspiring to see how our software solutions continue to fuel successes worldwide.”

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