Shotgun Version 5.0 Now Available

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Tue, 06/11/2013 - 12:41 -- Nick Dager

Shotgun Software has released Shotgun Version 5.0, which encompasses production tracking, scheduling, review and approval, helping modern production pipelines run as efficiently as possible and now includes a new UI and toolset designed specifically for artists and supervisors. Shotgun 5.0 also adds new tools for task tracking, review and approval, collaboration and search, and is still priced at $49 per seat, per month.

The version 5.0 build of Shotgun was designed together with artists who wanted simple and visual views of their essential tasks and key updates with tools to collaborate about their work with supervisors and peers. Shotgun 5.0 delivers that and more, including: 

My Tasks: A simple view of an artist’s tasks with key project information and updates presented in an easily digestible news feed format. My Tasks also displays who else is actively working with the artist at any given time, breaking down the walls that divide artists who often work in isolation whether co-located or at remote locations. 

Inbox: A visual collection of notes and important updates related to the artist’s work. Artists can customize their inbox by choosing to follow progress of specific project shots or assets that are important to them filtering out updates that aren’t relevant to their tasks.

Global Search: Search for anything in any project and receive an immediate, curated list of results with an easy-to-read news feed style layout. 

"For the 5.0 release, we turned our focus to artists and supervisors, designing simple and visual tools that connect them to important project details and to each other," said Don Parker, co-founder and CEO, Shotgun Software. "This is an important step towards providing an off-the-shelf toolset that equally meets the needs of creative artists and data-centric facility managers around the single goal of doing great work while running a solid business."

Shotgun 5.0 comes on the heels of a new integrated Shotgun package, making three previously independent products (Shotgun, Revolver and Tank) available now as a single, unified, comprehensive package at a cost of $49 per user/per month. Pricing for enterprise customers, advanced support options and education institutions is available upon request by emailing [email protected]