Shedding Light on Global Climate Change

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Sat, 11/13/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Deepei Film Productions documentary Going South – Cycling through the Americas follows four cyclists as they rode south through the two American continents to shed light on the issue of global climate change. On their way from the northernmost point of Canada to the southernmost tip of Argentina the four cyclists visited both businesses and private households to report on their efforts toward sustainability. Since the distance the cyclists would ride amounted to almost 16 781 miles they had to travel light. They mounted Litepanels’ MicroPro LED lights on their camcorders. Compact and lightweight MicroPro uses minimum space and is unobtrusive. “It is so easy to take the Litepanels fixture everywhere because it hardly weighs anything” says cameraman and managing director Milan Collin. “One of the measures to protect the climate an environment-friendly water filter was presented to us in a small dark house without electricity. We had no generator with us. However thanks to the Litepanels we were excellently equipped for this film location and we did not need any external electricity because six AA cells operate the MicroPro. Therefore we were able to use the fixture for direct light which made it quick and easy to perfectly illuminate the faces and to emphasize details.” The Litepanels technology produces soft wrap-around illumination and offers dimming from 100 percent to zero which makes it easy to customize output according to the need. “With Litepanels it is much easier to work under extraordinary and difficult conditions. This allows the team to completely concentrate on shooting without wasting any thoughts on technical equipment ” says Colin. Litepanels