Share Dimension Releases Cinema Intelligence

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Thu, 10/16/2014 - 11:39 -- Nick Dager

Share Dimension has released Cinema Intelligence, an Internet-based set up modules designed to manage an entire movie theatre operation.

According to Share Dimension, Cinema Intelligence optimizes forecasting, planning and scheduling of movies, alternative content and events and can increase profitability.

“Cinema Intelligence is a game changer,” said Gabriel Claudiu Tanasescu, CEO and founder of Share Dimension. “It empowers film booking and programming teams with tools for faster and better decision making, resulting in tangible return on investment for a theatre chain, maximizing attendance and market share.”

Introduced last June at CineEurope Cinema Intelligence includes Share Dimension’s flagship product, Cinema Scheduler, and is used by theatre circuits in Europe and the Middle East to automate generation of optimized weekly schedules. Customers using Cinema Scheduler since 2012 include Pathe, the largest cinema chain in the Netherlands, which last year had a 2.9 percent increase in admissions YOY compared to the 0.8 percent market increase for the country as a whole.