Sensio and International Sign 3D Licensing Agreement

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Thu, 07/31/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sensio has signed a licensing agreement with International Datacasting Corporation for the integration of the Sensio 3D cinema decoding technology into products for the digital cinema market. This agreement comes with the first sale of licenses for an initial deployment of 3D systems for 50 movie theatres to enable the broadcasting of live stereoscopic 3D events. “We are extremely pleased of this agreement with IDC and this initial order ” says Nicholas Routhier president and CEO of Sensio. “It is a major milestone in our live 3D development efforts and it secures our position as the industry leader in 3D content distribution. IDC is a recognized world leader in the broadband delivery networks needed for this application and they have the manufacturing and international distribution we need to be successful. Sensio has now reached a key phase in its development strategy which not only allows us to generate more licensing revenues from our technology but also improves our content offer for the consumer market.” “We are also delighted with this agreement ” says Ron Clifton president and CEO of IDC. “It builds on the excellent working relationship we have developed with Sensio over the past year of working together strategically and significantly expands our product portfolio and addressable market potential. The Sensio 3D technology is becoming the de facto standard in the digital cinema industry for the distribution and display of alternative content which is quickly becoming recognized as a new revenue source and business opportunity in the industry.” Sensio and IDC previously announced the launch of CineLive an exclusive product developed specifically for Access Integrated Technologies in the United States. International Datacasting Corporation Sensio