Screenvision Select Targets Art House Market

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Thu, 01/19/2017 - 11:21 -- Nick Dager

Targeted at premium art house theatres, Screenvision Media’s new network Screenvision Select launched in theaters this past fall within the top domestic markets across the country.

Screenvision Select celebrates the spirit of independent filmmaking by showcasing the best short films, studio content and behind-the-scenes features that passionate movie fans desire in their entertainment show before the movies. In addition, a select number of brands will be invited to schedule a limited number of ads, content segments or sponsorships into Screenvision Select. This exclusive placement will also include relevant, bespoke content, all created specifically to appeal to a discerning audience.

"High-end brands are definitely drawn toward advertising in-cinema. Screenvision Select provides that opportunity to them at premium art house theaters, where the moviegoer demographic aligns with luxury brands' target audiences," said Christine Martino, senior vice president, national ad sales, Screenvision Media. "We are pleased to have the new network in place and have received incredibly positive feedback from clients and agencies thus far."

The art house experience is unlike any other in cinema, the hallmarks of which include luxury amenities, full services dining options, top shelf bars and gourmet concessions, along with independent and award-winning film content. The Screenvision Select preshow will be six to eight minutes in total length, with the flexibility of 30-second exclusive brand partner spots or 90-second content segments.

"This is our first venture in specifically targeting the art house community, and a major move for our company," said Bernadette McCabe, senior vice president, business strategy, Screenvision Media. "We have an incredibly robust exhibitor network already in place, and with our added art house portfolio of exhibitor partners, we'll now be able to deliver a targeted affluent audience that premium brands are seeking."

As part of Screenvision Select's rollout, New York City-based film distribution company, Bleecker Street, will serve as a debut studio alliance, providing behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from its latest line-up of films.

"As ardent supporters of the specialty marketplace, we're excited to see Screenvision Media develop such a targeted program as Screenvision Select," said Tyler DiNapoli, president, marketing, media & research at Bleecker Street. "We look forward to working together with their team in developing direct and custom content pieces appealing to this distinctive and important audience."

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