Screenvision Paragon Theatres Announce New Long-Term Deal

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Sun, 06/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Screenvision has announced a new long-term exhibitor agreement with Paragon Theatres.  As a result of this deal Screenvision broadens its position in the important Washington D.C. and Miami markets.  Under the deal Screenvision will have the exclusive on-screen advertising rights and exclusive third party selling rights for promotions.   Each theatre will exhibit Screenvision’s digital preshow which will be integrated into Paragon’s Sony 4K projectors.  
“Screenvision and Paragon’s partnership shows that exhibitors continue to choose Screenvision for the strength and entertainment value that comes with our digital preshow ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president exhibitor relations Screenvision. We look forward to bringing entertainment to Paragon’s premium theatres located in the key Washington D.C. and Miami markets through this new agreement.” 
  “Our partnership with Screenvision allows Paragon to take advantage of Screenvision’s ad sales capabilities and the quality and compelling content within Screenvision’s digital preshow ” says Michael Whalen partner of Paragon Thearers. “We foresee that this new deal will lead to a rewarding entertaining and high-quality experience for our moviegoers.” Screenvision ,1774
Sensio Cinedigm Presenting FIFA World Cup Soccer Live in 3D a First,2010-06-14,Sensio has announced that it is partnering with Cinedigm Digital Cinema to bring the first ever globally broadcasted live 3D sporting event to hundreds of theatres outside the United States.   Eight games starting with the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament will be broadcast. “Cinedigm’s experience in sophisticated digital broadcasting technologies has enabled the company to design a satellite network and broadcast techniques capable of providing live 3D sporting events to theatres so clear and realistic most audiences forget they are watching events on the big screen and feel like they are actually at the events ” says B. Scott Cassell vice president operations and technology of Cinedigm’s Digital Media Services. “We are thrilled to partner with Sensio to design the network that will enable this experience on a global scale and make the FIFA World Cup events the first ever sporting events to be brought in live 3D to theatres worldwide.” “When Sensio confirmed it would bring the FIFA World Cup to theatres our leadership knew that working with our trusted partner Cinedigm would help ensure success. Cinedigm’s proficiency in integrating satellite operations with theatres is head-and-shoulders beyond that of any other company. The demonstrated success with Cinedigm’s CineLive Certified design is exactly what Sensio needs to ensure the same outcome for these events globally ” says Richard Laberge executive vice president and chief marketing officer. ,1775
South Point Hotel First with Two XD Theatres,2010-06-14,The owner of South Point Hotel in Las Vegas says it is the first location with two Cinemark XD Theatres on one property. XD provides the best movie going experience money can buy says Michael Gaughan. South Point opened its first XD theatre last October with Michael Jackson's This Is It making it one of only eight theaters using Cinemark's XD technology. In May South Point added the second XD theatre to its 16-screen movie complex with the opening of Iron Man 2. They are twin theaters both with approximately 400 seats premium projection equipment wrap-around sound systems premium seats floor to ceiling wall to wall screens and digital projection to show both 2D and 3D releases. The XD format includes more than 30 speakers and 70-foot wide movie screens. The Cinemark XD auditorium offers an environment that engages all of your senses and pulls you into the movie says Cinemark CEO Alan Stock. Unlike the competition to the format movies shown in Cinemark XD don't require reformatting for the super-screen allowing the theater to rotate screenings of multiple attractions for audiences. ,1776
XDC to use Arqiva's IS905 Digital Cinema Satellite Platform

,2010-06-14,Arqiva has agreed to provide XDC with satellite based electronic delivery to cinemas using its IS905 digital cinema platform and satellite infrastructure. Under a non-exclusive agreement Arqiva will deliver digital cinema packages and live events to exhibitors in XDC's network; XDC will also be able to transmit content to all cinemas connected to the Arqiva digital cinema network. Barrie Woolston commercial director at Arqiva Satellite & Media says We are delighted at XDC's decision to use our digital cinema services for their network. We are already integrating our equipment into theatres which will provide them with a complete content management solution as well as connectivity to our own pan-European network of cinemas. Electronic delivery not only simplifies the cinema distribution process but also opens up new opportunities for exhibitors including showing live sports music and entertainment events as well as increasingly popular 3D content. We wish XDC and its exhibitors every success. ,1779
3ality Digital Says Sports Driving its Growth,2010-06-28, In recent months 3ality Digital has supported a growing number of high-profile sports broadcasts and production tests in the United States France Korea India Australia and the United Kingdom.

 “We have been working for years to design technology that is not only capable of delivering the accuracy necessary for comfortable stereoscopic 3D imagery but is also cost effective and intuitive to use ” says Steve Schklair CEO of 3ality Digital Systems the technology and production arm of 3ality Digital.  “Our camera rigs and image processing systems are designed to feel familiar to skilled television and film technicians; to require only a short bit of training to use; and to produce spectacular imagery in even the most dramatic of circumstances.  The result after deep due diligence by many broadcasters has been growing worldwide recognition that we are the clear choice when it comes to technology for live S3D sports production.” In recent months 3ality Digital’s systems have been used to enable soccer golf hockey boxing rugby snowboarding and cricket shoots around the world with partners that include Sony the National Hockey League DirecTV Madison Square Garden Cablevision the PGA BSkyB Orange SkyLife Nine Network Australia Imagica NEP and Telegenic. “We began focusing on 3D as a broadcast medium before anyone else in the industry ” says 3ality Digital head of -roduction Ted Kenney. “That unmatched experience has allowed us to design systems that are easily integrated with traditional broadcast production teams and that can keep pace with the fast-paced action on the field or the ice.”
 3ality Digital began making is state-of-the-art 3flex camera systems available for sale last year as part of the company’s continuing effort to expand the creation and distribution of live-action  stereoscopic 3D entertainment. 
 3ality Digital ,1790
And They’re Off Filmed on Canon 7D with Light Illusion Gamma Curves
,2010-06-28, US Indie film And They’re Off has been captured by Ulf Soderqvist predominantly using Canon’s 5D and 7D cameras enhanced by the use of Light Illusion designed Gamma Curves aim at maximizing the capture capabilities of these ostensibly still cameras. And They're Off is directed by Rob Schiller (King of Queens Two and a Half Men) and penned by Alan Grossbard with Grossbard (Zerophilia) Pamela Fryman (How I Met Your Mother) and Howard Bolter as producers. The film portrays a failed horse trainer desperately trying to get back into the winners circle.

 Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri top this independent comedy set in the world of US thoroughbred horse racing and includes Martin Mull Mark Moses Gigi Rice Lil' JJ Peter Jacobson Mo Collins Alex Rocco Luis Chavez and Kevin Nealon with horse trainers Bob Baffert and Doug O'Neill playing themselves.

 DP Ulf Soderqvist says of the shooting experience “I exclusively used the Light Illusion curves on the feature film And They're Off. The bulk of the film was shot outside and in many of the scenes we had situations where the range of exposure was quite extreme. Using the super flat Light Illusion curve helped me to capture scenes that would have required quite a bit bigger lighting package bigger crew and more days. Thank you Steve for making serious film making possible on the Canon 5D/7D.” The Light Illusion Canon Gamma Curves have been developed on the back of the very successful Sony CineAlta Gamma Curves that Light Illusion has been providing for some time and have become something of an industry standard. “Making curves for the Canon cameras was not an our initial intention” says Steve Shaw CEO of Light Illusion “but we were inundated with requests and after some experimentation and testing came up with a batch of three curves that do seem to be being well received.”

 Fellow US based DP Art Adams adds “I've shot two 7D projects one with the Light Illusion curves and one without. I've seen the difference and from now on I won't shoot a 5D or 7D project without them. 
  Light Illusion