Screenvision Announces New Long-Term Deal with Malco Theatres

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Mon, 10/12/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Screenvision has announced a new long-term agreement with Malco Theatres. The partnership drives Screenvision’s overall screen count to 15 366 increasing its digital screen count to over 7 700.  The companies did not disclose the details of the agreement.

 Screenvision and Malco’s partnership clearly shows that exhibitors continue to choose Screenvision for the strength and entertainment value that comes with our digital preshow ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president exhibitor relations Screenvision. “Malco Theatres has been an excellent Screenvision partner for the past seven years and we look forward to continuing this partnership to bring entertainment to Malco’s premium theatres located in key markets including Memphis.” As part of the agreement Screenvision holds exclusive on-screen selling rights for Malco’s early and late preshows. The deal also provides Screenvision with the rights to sell in-lobby screens and promotions. Malco Theatres is one of Screenvision’s top 15 exhibitor partners with 31 theatres and 321 screens across Arkansas Kentucky Missouri Mississippi and Tennessee.   “The top notch quality and compelling content within Screenvision’s digital preshow along with their reputation as leaders in technology and service within the cinema advertising community have made Screenvision a natural partner for Malco ” says Bobby Levy Executive Vice President Malco Theatres. “We anticipate that this new deal will lead to a more rewarding entertaining and high-quality experience for all our moviegoers.”