Schklair Named CEO of 3ality Digital

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Sat, 12/11/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

3ality Digital has appointed Steve Schklair as its CEO. Schklair a well-known figure in the S3D community has led the creative debate on what makes good stereo 3D over the past five years while acting as CEO of the technology development and production subsidiary of 3ality Digital which drove the company’s outstanding growth in 2010. The global S3D business is developing rapidly. Many new channels have launched in Europe and North America over the last year and 3ality Digital’s business has recorded a remarkable 600 percent growth. This is due largely to demand for use of 3ality Digital’s innovative camera rigs and stereoscopic processors in live television broadcasts commercials features and episodic productions. “3ality Digital is an amazing company with an international presence and the best team I have ever had the privilege of working with ” Schklair says. “2010 has been a great year for stereoscopic 3D - there have been twice as many movie releases in S3D as last year and 2011 looks set to rise again by another 50 percent.  There has also been a flurry of S3D television production internationally particularly in live sports and 3ality Digital is honored to have been selected as the production technology powering many ‘firsts’ in the marketplace ranging from the first live broadcast of an NFL game in the US to the first live terrestrial broadcast of S3D in Australia and live S3D cricket in India.” “We are particularly proud to be the primary technology behind the BSkyB launch of their S3D network ” Schklair says. “Sky did an extensive amount of research and testing before choosing us as a partner and we are gratified that they have recognized 3ality Digital as the best technology to meet the rigors of live S3D broadcasting on a weekly basis.”

“Our mission is to empower filmmakers and broadcasters with the tools and services to harness the enormous growth of the market ” says 3ality Digital chairman David Modell head of the company’s majority shareholder Modell Ventures. “We believed in that vision when we invested in the company and we believe that Steve with support from 3ality Digital COO/CFO Gari Ann Douglass and Modell Ventures managing director Luis Perez is the right CEO to lead the amazing team at 3ality Digital. I am confident that this team will continue to develop innovative solutions to address the unique problems of S3D content creation delivery and exhibition. S3D is a media revolution and 3ality Digital will remain at its forefront.”