San Diego Film Festival to Screen Chelsea’s Light: A Brother’s Journey

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Thu, 09/11/2014 - 12:31 -- Nick Dager

Chelsea's Light Foundation, in conjunction with the San Diego Film Festival, announced a pre-festival screening of Chelsea's Light: A Brother's Journey on Tuesday, September 23. The film chronicles the journey of Tyler King and his quest to stop crimes against children and the predators who commit them. King is the brother of Chelsea King, who was raped and murdered by a known sexual predator in San Diego. 

"Chelsea's memory continues to bring San Diegans together to focus on a brighter future, and we are proud to partner on this special screening," said Dale Strack, chairman and CEO, San Diego Film Foundation.

One of the most anticipated films for the Festival, Chelsea's Light: A Brother's Journey (2014, 31 min.) is especially meaningful because it is a local story from King and two-time Emmy award-winning director Bruce Caulk. The regional interconnectedness and spirit of community exemplified by this narrative is the primary reason for hosting the premiere in San Diego.

"Every day I give thanks for the love and support the San Diego community has provided our family and this Foundation. Without them, Chelsea's dreams of changing the world would have gone unfulfilled," said Kelly King, Chelsea's mother.

Tyler King added, "Chelsea will always be my best friend. Making this documentary allowed me to see the power of community. While I had the ability to bring this film to life, my community brought me back to life."

This powerful film is a riveting excursion following King on his mission to prove that, even in darkness, one can embrace hope and make sure that convicted sexual predators never get the chance to become repeat offenders. 

The documentary highlights victims' families including Amber Dubois, Charlie Keever, Chelsea King, Jonathan Sellers, Kathlynn Shepard, as they tell their heartbreaking stories and unite together to make a difference. The process of grieving, healing and evolving is seen from King's perspective and through the eyes of others who share the experience of losing someone they love to a sexual predator.

"Together, we can protect our children from sexual predators. Through Tyler's work, we hope to raise awareness and translate knowledge into action. This film will motivate the public to take a stand against this silent epidemic," said Brent King, Chelsea's father.

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