Samsung Releases 8K Movie Shot on Galaxy Smart Phones

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Mon, 10/19/2020 - 09:43 -- Nick Dager

Samsung Electronics has released Untact, an 8K movie shot mainly on its Galaxy S20 and Note 20 smart phones. Some scenes required other cameras.

Moviegoers at a Samsung 8K theatre in Seoul. Photo courtesy of Samsung.Untact is a romance movie written and directed by Kim Jee-woon, who is known for the films The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008) and the Hollywood action thriller The Last Stand (2013). The film stars ctress Kim Go-eun and actor Kim Ju-hun.

People can watch the film at Samsung's two 8K cinemas in Seoul, where the company will show it on its large QLED 8K screen through October 25. Samsung's 8K movie theaters run on a reservation system to accommodate only a small group of people amid the pandemic. The movie also can be watched on Samsung's YouTube channel.

Samsung last month announced it would produce an 8K movie shot on its Galaxy devices in a move to promote the 8K-technology and its ecosystem to consumers. Currently, 8K is the highest-resolution standard for content creation; it delivers four times the number of pixels of a 4K ultra high definition screen and 16 times that of a full high definition screen.

At its special theaters, Samsung said it would also display its lifestyle TV products, including The Premier home cinema projector. Visitors to the theatres can also see Samsung’s latest smart phones, including the Galaxy Z Fold2.