S3 Entertainment Group Yessian Music/Dragon Licks Create Michigan Music Licensing

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Wed, 11/19/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

S3 Entertainment Group of Ferndale Michigan has teamed up with Yessian Music/Dragon Licks Detroit to form Michigan Music Licensing. S3 managing partner Jeffrey Spilman and Yessian president Michael Yessian jointly made the announcement.

Michigan Music Licensing will provide clients with a one-stop solution to license enhance edit mix or rearrange songs for feature film and television productions. The company will now offer productions the highest tax incentive in the country an average of 40 percent when utilizing their Michigan-based music and licensing. Michigan Music Licensing identifies the best tracks and artists for production needs; composes original songs or covers of existing tracks; creates and maintains promotional alliances; backs every step with research and a creative strategy; and enhances tracks to fit individual picture needs.

Michigan Music Licensing says it has collected some of the hottest indie and renowned talents in the music industry and made them available to the world of film television advertising and video games. The company has sought out and continues to seek out artists and bands for exclusive licensing for their pre-recorded songs as well as for assignments to create original compositions for media entities.

“Yessian /Dragon Licks brings decades of licensing experience and widespread sound design opportunities to our clients ” says Spilman. “With Michigan becoming a hotbed for filmmakers creating a service that provides music licensing in Michigan is a natural next step for both S3EG and Yessian Music/Dragon Licks.”

 “Michigan Music Licensing is an ideal venture for our current and potential clients as well as our employees ” says Yessian. “We have proven relationships working with labels and production studios across the country and now we can bring the bulk of our work and new opportunities to our team in Michigan while continuing to offer our clients wonderful products and incentives.” S3 Entertainment Group www.S3eg.com