Real Digital Media All-in-One Digital Signage Display Available Now

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Tue, 07/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Real Digital Media has announced the availability of an all-in-one digital signage display combining the Samsung MXn-series LCD displays with Neocast Media Player software.   The combined solution includes a range of Samsung's MXn-series displays with embedded PC and Real Digital Media's Neocast Media Player software. This turnkey solution provides an elegant option for customers seeking a digital signage application to promote their business products and services. Real Digital Media’s Neocast digital signage platform is recognized throughout the industry for its ease of use reliability and performance.   Michael Baron president of Real Digital Media says We are pleased to support Samsung’s all-in-one display device with our Neocast solution. The solution eliminates the need for a separate PC or media player making it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate into a working environment. Furthermore this opens the Neocast digital signage platform to a broad array of distribution channels that have been searching for a straightforward digital signage solution to meet customer demands.”   The embedded PC will be pre-installed with the Windows XP Embedded Operating System and the Neocast Media Player firmware. At installation the display is simply connected to a broadband source and it is ready to communicate with the Neocast Media Server. The Neocast Media Server is delivered as a software as a service and is designed to manage the network content downloads and playlists.   Real Digital Media Samsung ,1138
IndiePix Embeds all its DVDs with Watermarks to Block Theft,2009-07-29,IndiePix has implemented watermarking technology to help reduce illegal DVD downloading copying and selling. All of IndiePix's films offered for download are now embedded with a watermark code that enables security experts and law enforcement officials to trace illegally copied DVDs back to the original disc and the initial download transaction. This technology will work to increase the trust that filmmakers have in the distribution process as well as deter and pursue individuals and groups that continue to break the law and damage the film industry. IndiePix Burn-to-Own software already keeps the cost of buying a downloadable film to the bare minimum because it takes distribution costs paid to the usual intermediaries – including retail stores wholesalers and brokers – down to zero. Customers at the IndiePix website have the option of purchasing a physical copy of a film on DVD or burning it to their own PC or MAC. The Burn-to-Own copy has a unique code embedded in it throughout the film. This process helps assert the filmmaker's rights while respecting the consumer's right to do with his disc as he wishes. Copying in quantity and reselling – which are illegal under copyright law – will ultimately result in discs that are traceable to the original transaction. Scott Abramowitz chief technology office at IndiePix says Our MPEG video files are already compressed. We wanted to be able to mark those files in such a way that the video quality would be preserved. Every downloaded title includes the presence of the watermark code a useful forensic tool for identifying the source and persons related to the original watermarked film. However we have implemented this approach at IndiePix not to identify criminals but to encourage the social contract between the filmmaker and his customer to respect his creative rights. Bob Alexander president at IndiePix says The film industry has suffered self-inflicted wounds over the issue of piracy which have only become worse with digital technology and the ability to make 100 percent perfect copies. In a misguided effort studios have turned to technology to control and prevent behavior rather than encourage respect for the product the filmmaker's rights and the rights of the consumer. By emphasizing the social contract between the filmmaker and by making sure that consumers know that IndiePix's distribution charges are among the lowest in the industry especially for downloaded titles we encourage customers to think of their purchase of the filmmaker's work as a way of supporting them and contributing to the future development of their talent. We are convinced that respect for the consumer in a digitally-based transaction is the right way to go to combat piracy. The IndiePix watermarking technology is patent protected and has been licensed by IndiePix from Pixel Tools a San Jose based digital imaging technology company. Certain custom modifications for use of the technology by IndiePix have been developed and implemented by Scott Abramowitz and Pixel Tools. IndiePix   ,1139
RealD Announces RealD Live for Live 3D Broadcasts in Theatres,2009-07-29,RealD has announced RealD Live a new product that works with the company’s cinema systems enabling RealD equipped theatres to display live event broadcasts from anywhere in the world in 3D. “Films presented in RealD 3D are driving today’s box office showing moviegoers overwhelmingly prefer the true-to-life entertainment experience of RealD 3D ” says Joe Peixoto RealD president of worldwide cinema. “RealD Live is the next step in 3D entertainment offering our thousands of exhibition partners around the world the ability to show spectacular live events on their big screens.” RealD Live is expected to be available in the fourth quarter. RealD ,1140
ZON Lusomundo Selects Barco for XDC’s Deployment of 213 Screens,2009-07-29,ZON Lusomundo the largest cinema chain in Portugal is in the process of installing 213 digital cinema systems and by the end of 2010 28 of the company’s cinema complexes will be equipped with Barco digital cinema projectors. XDC and ZON Lusomundo have signed an exclusive agreement for the deployment of full digital cinema systems in all of ZON Lusomundo's theatres in Portugal. Under the terms of the agreement XDC will exclusively install Barco's DCI-compliant 2K digital projectors in combination with their CineStore Solo G3 D-Cinema server and a fully integrated and networked solution in each complex. Luis Roboredo Mota managing director of ZON Lusomundo cinemas says “We will be among the most innovative cinema operators in the world. With Barco's digital cinema projectors not only will we be offering our spectators even better picture quality we will also be able to extend our programming to alternative content at all of our theatres with more recorded and live 3D shows live satellite events such as opera concerts and sports. In addition going digital will allow us to become a more efficient company lowering our operating costs whilst at the same time generating significant improvements in customer service.” “We are very proud that Barco's digital cinema projectors have been chosen to bring digital cinema to Portugal ” says Alain Solomon vice president digital cinema division. “This confirms again the outstanding quality of our digital cinema projectors and services. As more cinemas will be going digital in the future we look forward to contributing even more to the digital cinema evolution across Europe.” Serge Plasch chief executive officer XDC says “We are pleased to be able to work with Barco for this deployment deal. We have a longstanding business partner history with Barco and are familiar with their digital cinema projectors. We know that Barco delivers the reliability and the service we are looking for to provide to our exhibitors.“ Barco XDC ZON ,1142
3ality Digital Imagica to bring Live-Action 3D Production Services to Asia,2009-08-12,3ality Digital has announced that it will introduce live-action 3D production services to Asia via an agreement with Imagica in Japan. The agreement is the first to bring 3ality Digital's state-of-the-art 3D camera rig and image processing technology to the continent. The first productions resulting from the collaboration are expected to be feature films concerts and cultural events. There is a great deal of interest in live-action 3D filmmaking in Japan says Sandy Climan CEO of 3ality Digital. As the leading media processing company in Asia Imagica is the ideal partner for us as we expand the market for our pixel-perfect live-action 3D technology in Japan. This agreement provides us with an important foothold to pursue similar relationships throughout the region. Operations are moving quickly ahead as Imagica is currently holding an open house in Japan with representatives from 3ality Digital to launch the partnership. Our technology is going to revolutionize 3D film production in Japan says Steve Schklair CEO of 3ality Digital Systems the technology subsidiary of 3ality Digital. Our equipment will enable Imagica to capture live-action 3D images of the highest quality. We're also looking forward to showing the Japanese market how our unique proprietary digital image metadata systems optimize the 3D experience by making it more expedient and customizable. Becoming a partner with 3ality Digital enables us to introduce the best 3D camera system to the Japanese market and strengthens our capability to provide technical services says Mitsuo Inoue Imagica’s general manager of production engineering support. We are ready to support 3D productions with 3ality Digital-trained technical personnel by making the best use of the skills and know-how. 3ality Digital Imagica ,1160
Seventh Digital Cinema Forum to be Held September 8,2009-08-12,The Seventh Annual Digital Cinema Forum organized by SMPTE in co-operation with the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia on the occasion of the 66th Venice Film Festival will take place Tuesday September 8th in the Sala Volpi of the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido di Venezia in Italy. The Forum intends to provide film professionals and decisions-makers with a wide basis for discussions on how to handle the transition from analog to digital technologies. Conscious that dealing with digital acquisition digital distribution and digital exhibition of film represents today the most radical technical change facing the film industry since sound film was introduced the forum aims to cover the various aspects of this change in a wide panorama of technologies standards and training requirements. The Forum will include talks on how to produce distribute and present 3D digital cinema. ,1161
Barco XDC Support the 62nd Locarno Film Festival,2009-08-12, Barco was selected as the exclusive digital projector supplier for the 62nd Locarno Film Festival. Highlights of the festival are the open-air screenings in Locarno's historic Piazza Grande. Every year in August around 180 000 cinema goers 1 100 journalists and 3 400 professionals gather in the small Swiss-Italian town of Locarno for an unforgettable eleven day film festival. This year's festival being held from August 5-15 featured 100 digital screenings at five different venues. At nightfall the Piazza Grande transforms into a unique open-air cinema with an impressive 26-meter screen and room for 8 000 spectators. XDC the Digital Cinema Official Partner for Locarno Film Festival selected Barco's DP-3000. “We wanted to provide the Locarno Film Festival with the best possible technologies ” says Fabrice Testa XDC International's vice president of sales and business development. “The Piazza Grande is our biggest challenge and we needed a projector bright enough to illuminate a 26 meter screen in open air. After last year's success with the DP-3000 we opted again for this digital cinema projector.” “We are proud to have been selected once again by XDC for the Piazza Grande and other venues at the Locarno Film Festival ” says Tim Sinnaeve sales director for Barco's digital cinema business. “This is a confirmation of our renowned image quality and it underscores the fact that Barco's digital cinema projectors can meet any challenge — from traditional indoor theaters to open-air cinemas.” In addition to the Piazza Grande venue Barco also supplies a DP-3000 for the Auditorium Fevi while the three other venues (Teatro Kursaal La Sala and Rialto) are equipped with Barco's DP-2000 digital cinema projectors. ,1163
D&E Universal Premiere Sugarland’s Live on the Inside Concert in Movie Theatres,2009-08-12,D&E Entertainment in partnership with Universal Music Group-Nashville distributed and marketed the theatrical premiere of Grammy and Country Music Award winning band Sugarland's Live on the Inside concert film. The film premiered in over 35 cinemas in the US on August 6th. In a joint statement D&E Entertainment partners Evan Saxon and Doug Kluthe said We are ecstatic to oversee the theatrical distribution for this amazing film. In great coordination with Mercury Records D&E implemented a highly effective campaign that incorporates press radio online retail and in-theatre exposure while letting the fan experience the concert like they are in the front row at Rupp Arena. At D&E Entertainment we understand the vision of the artists and content owners and meld this with our great theatre partners. D&E Entertainment ,1168
Cineworks in Miami First U.S. Film Lab Certified by Kodak,2009-08-12,Cineworks Digital Studios in Miami Florida has become the first U.S. laboratory – and the 51st worldwide – to successfully complete Kodak ImageCare Program certification. Since the Kodak program began in 1996 it has now been adopted in 31 countries - from Argentina to Turkey and from the United Arab Emirates to the Russian Federation.   Our goal is to be the highest quality front-end lab on the east coast says Vincent Hogan Jr. laboratory manager of Cineworks. We participate in Kodak's monthly laboratory quality assurance survey in addition to our stringent in-house quality control procedures. Our accreditation in the Kodak ImageCare Program is further proof to our customers that they can trust us to deliver the highest standards in motion picture developing.   Kodak established the ImageCare Program in recognition of the fact that the processing of motion picture film is a sophisticated process. There are complex cycles intermediate film stages and other steps to create optical and digital sound tracks. With the high stakes involved in every film project the negative must be protected processed correctly and handled carefully. The Kodak program sets standards that cinematographers - and the industry - trust.   We're delighted to welcome Cineworks Digital into the Kodak program says Diane Carroll-Yacoby worldwide manager of the Kodak ImageCare Program. Their film processing operations are first-class and we're proud to accredit them as the first ImageCare Camera Negative Processing Laboratory in the United States.   In the Kodak program labs can be accredited for camera negative film processing release printing or both. Each of the three accreditations has its own requirements and once the lab has passed an initial screening reassessment is repeated every year with self-assessment - and other informal Kodak involvement - in between.   People are a key component of the program adds Carroll-Yacoby. The laboratory has to commit to assigning resources to the stringent testing and monitoring of all the different facets of operation as well as to developing skills and knowledge through an aggressive staff training program. Cineworks' commitment to all aspects of the program has positioned them well to meet the expectations of even the most demanding filmmakers.   Cineworks' equipment is state of the art maintained meticulously by the laboratory staff which is one of the most experienced group of lab technicians in North America. Each tech brings no less than 20 years of experience in developing motion picture film. Thecompany's president Vincent Hogan Sr. is a veteran of 30 years in the motion picture laboratory and post-production business.   Over the past years the lab has handled nearly 100 feature films and TV productions for which they've provided a wide range of processing and postproduction services including dailies color grading mastering digital intermediate production and telecine transfers.   We see ourselves as members of the filmmaker's collaborative team says Hogan. All of their vision creativity and hard work go into creating the negative they entrust to us. It's up to Cineworks to help them bring all that to the screen and our membership in the Kodak ImageCare program says they can trust us to do that reliably every time.   Kodak ImageCare ,1171
New SeaSun Underwater Housings for Litepanels,2009-08-12,Litepanels has teamed with Hollywood-based underwater motion picture specialist HydroFlex to develop a family of next generation underwater lighting fixtures the Litepanels SeaSun Underwater housing series. Many of the advantages that Litepanels LED lighting technology bring to above-water production crews provide similar advantages to those shooting beneath the waves including the light fixtures’ small form-factors panchromatic light output low power draw and low heat generation. Size does matter to underwater production crews where equipment needs to be weighted to be nearly neutrally buoyant when submerged. The smaller the overall volume of a lighting fixture the less weight must be added so that the device so that it remains slightly negatively buoyant so it does not tend to rise to the surface yet falls slowly if released under the water. This means Litepanels’ SeaSun fixtures are easy to lift aboard a support vessel at the end of a dive and the small form factor also means less drag when a diver swims with the light. As an underwater production crew descends beneath the surface many colors of light from the sun are filtered out by the water. Litepanels’ panchromatic LEDs (which emit a continuous spectrum of light color) are ideal for supplementing ambient light below the surface because of their even color spectrum with no chromatic peaks that could throw off throw off color reproduction. The low power draw of Litepanels LED lighting fixtures also means that divers carrying the lights underwater can do so untethered from power cables to a surface craft and can provide long shooting times from small battery packs carried with the SeaSun light fixtures. The advantage of the Litepanels’ underwater fixtures’ low heat generation is that unlike many traditional underwater lights where they must be extinguished before surfacing in order to prevent heat damage to their housings SeaSun fixtures can be taken out of the water while still lit without fear of damage to the fixture. SeaSun underwater lighting fixtures are available utilizing both Litepanels 1x1 and MicroPro fixture designs. SeaSun 1x1s are available in a Litepanels’ Standard (5600˚K or 3200˚K in flood or spot) Bi-Color (infinitely variable from 5600˚K to 3200˚K) and Bi-Focus (5600˚K with variable focus) models. The smaller SeaSun MicroPro operates off of six AA batteries and can provide light continuously for up to five hours when utilizing Energizer e2 Lithium Ion AA batteries. Litepanels SeaSun fixture housings are constructed of aluminum and plexiglass and are rated watertight to a depth of 100 feet. Litepanels ,1172
My Eye Media adds Sohonet Network,2009-08-12,My Eye Media has chosen Sohonet as its dedicated ultra-high-speed global media network. The company went online with Sohonet in Los Angeles in June and will look to add further connections at future sites worldwide. The addition of Sohonet's services is a real game-changer for us Kadenacy says. Not only do we now have the ability to connect at full Gigabit speed with every postproduction house already on Sohonet's media network but we also have a full 100-Megabyte connection to the Internet which allows us to make high-speed connection to everyone else. This means we'll spend less time waiting for data to transfer and more time doing what we do best - evaluating picture and sound. We are delighted to add a company of My Eye Media's caliber and standing as a Sohonet customer says David Scammell CEO of Sohonet. My Eye Media's primary QC service offerings are greatly suited to take advantage of the Sohonet Media Network. My Eye Media ,1173
Offhollywood Opens First Authorized Red Rental House on the East Coast,2009-08-12,Offhollywood has opened the first authorized Red Digital Cinema camera rental and service facility on the East Coast. Occupying a full floor in Offhollywood's Soho building the exclusive facility gives filmmakers convenient access to the latest Red camera technologies and accessories complemented by full technical support and workflow consulting. Services include all East Coast camera repairs LCD and EVF repairs full factory calibration and R3D data recovery. We're committed to providing the specialized service required in today's market and to offering all the specific tools that enable directors and producers to take the greatest advantage of Red camera workflows says Offhollywood CTO/co-founder Mark L. Pederson. Our Red camera rental and service facility features brand-new bleeding-edge gear as well as rigorously trained and certified technical staff who provide top-notch service for Red camera owners. We stock the newest releases from Red Digital Cinema and we'll continue to dedicate tremendous energy to tracking testing and supplying the best third-party systems that play in exciting ways with Red technology. Offhollywood specializes in production and post services for Red digital cinema — supplying equipment and technical support providing dailies and media for editorial review and performing finishing work. The company began its Red camera rental services with the first two Red One production units ever manufactured and investment in a dedicated rental and service facility represents the continuing support of Red projects of any size and complexity. Working closely with Red Digital Cinema Offhollywood's Red-certified service staff maintains a high level of expertise in repairing Red systems. Offhollywood has been an incredible ally to Red since before day one and the feedback we get every week from customers who have worked with the company is incredible says Jarred Land fire chief at Red Digital Cinema. From the very beginning Offhollywood has been a valuable partner in providing Red users with the equipment and functionality they require and we're confident in the company's ability to provide excellent repair and rental services. The new Red camera rental and service facility is an extension of Offhollywood's Red-focused post-production facility complete with a digital cinema theater scheduled to open in August. ,1174
Quinta Industries StudioCanal Offer new Piracy Protection Service,2009-08-12,European post and distribution company Quinta Industries and StudioCanal a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canal+ have announced the launch of a system for secure transfer of film files using NexGuard Content Protection which was introduced by Thomson STS now part of Civolution. The system was introduced at the Cannes’ 2009 Film Market. Until now StudioCanal relied on DVDs to distribute its films to rights buyers at film markets. These screeners usually come with highly visible copyright displays and logos within the video. While not efficiently dissuading piracy such displays severely impact the viewing experience according to film buyers. Engaged in a piracy deterrence policy StudioCanal reached out to Quinta Industries in order to provide previews of its films to foreign rights buyers in a secure fashion with uncompromised visual quality. A pilot scheme took place for seven StudioCanal films during the 2009 edition of the Cannes Film Market. The films were made available to buyers on USB memory sticks containing their NexGuard-protected integral version. The files can be viewed on PC or Mac using a security token and PIN code. The security token is handed over in person or shipped to the buyer while the PIN code is sent separately via email. Security token and PIN code are inoperable without one another. “We are very pleased to be working with Quinta and StudioCanal. Piracy in the early stage of the content lifecycle can be a major revenue risk ” says Alex Terpstra CEO at Civolution. “Applying a combination of encryption and imperceptible watermarks is a unique way to reduce such risks without interfering with the viewing experience.” ,1175
Screenvision Sprint Partner on Interactive In-Lobby Digital Signage Displays,2009-08-12, Screenvision introduced new interactive lobby displays in hundreds of theatres last month. The displays feature a third party’s patented scanner technology that will enable marketers to offer theatre patrons rewards by engaging with the featured brand. Launching this new effort in the marketing arena was telecommunications giant Sprint. This partnership between Screenvision and Sprint also began last month. “Screenvision is continually committed to bringing marketers new and innovative ways that enable them to enhance the connection of their brands to the large movie going population ” says Michael Chico executive vice president sales and marketing Screenvision. “The movie going experience starts and ends in the lobby and we are very excited to partner with Sprint to introduce our latest unique offering during the height of the summer blockbuster season. This new lobby technology will truly provide marketers with another way to seamlessly integrate their brands into the movie going experience.” At Sprint we are constantly pushing our partners to offer new and innovative ways to help consumers engage with the brand ” says Simon McPhillips director of media Sprint. “Cinema is a growth area for marketers and Screenvision's solution enables customers to have a richer experience with the Sprint brand in an enjoyable manner. Plus Sprint customers are able to enjoy the benefits of the Now Network through the interactive kiosk.” Screenvision initially launched the interactive lobby displays featuring the scanner technology in more than 500 of its exhibitor partner theatres across the top DMAs including New York Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia San Francisco Atlanta Washington D.C. Houston and Dallas. As the initial marketer to partner with Screenvision on this effort Sprint will utilize its technology – and the technology of the lobby display – to reward moviegoers who are Sprint customers. Moviegoers with a Sprint phone can text message a short code to a specified number that will be promoted on the display. Then these customers will instantly receive a text code on their device. When they hold up the code to the lobby display’s scanner they will receive concession and/or ticket discounts that can be redeemed and used at the theatre as well as the ability to download exclusive interactive games and content. Standard text messaging rates will apply for use of this promotion. Screenvision