Raleigh Studios Budapest Scheduled to Open in April 2010

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Thu, 11/12/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Raleigh Studios has broken ground on a new state of the art studio facility in Budapest. Raleigh Studios Budapest is well under construction and will open its doors in April 2010. The facility is less than 20 minutes from all major hotels and downtown Budapest making it the closest studio facility to the heart of Hungary. The studio boasts nine sound stages including a 45 000 square foot super stage that is 65 feet to the grid. There is full transportation set and location lighting and grip with Hollywood Rentals line producing with Raleigh Film as well as a post-production facility and digital film laboratory. All stages offices and support structures are built from the ground up and engineered to Hollywood standards. Incorporated into the studio’s design is a 15-acre back lot for outdoor set builds. A full production training school will also be on lot to help maintain Hungary’s existing talent pool while creating a new generation of film crews. Raleigh Studios Budapest will provide the same service as Raleigh’s other facilities in the United States Because of its central location in Europe from which most major European cities are reachable within three hours by plane Raleigh Studios Budapest can serve as a central hub for production throughout Europe while offering comparable crews and services at more economical rates than most other European countries. “We are very excited to be opening in Budapest ” says Michael Moore president of Raleigh Studios. “There has already been considerable interest from our clients and we’re confident this will be one of the finest studio operations in Europe” Raleigh also offers administration services for film incentives and tax rebates available in Hungary. Hungary currently offers a 20 percent production incentive to qualified productions and can go as high as 25 percent in some cases. A Value Added Tax is also totally reclaimable. Raleigh www.raleighstudios.com