QuVis Releases 4K Stand Alone DCP Player

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Thu, 03/03/2016 - 12:17 -- Nick Dager

QuVis Technologies has released the Ovation II DCP player 2.1, which the company says is the first player capable of supporting 4K playback in a small form factor and at an affordable price.  QuVis spokesman Keith Doughty says the Ovation II is expected to ease the challenges faced by independent film festival organizers for playback and screening. It can also provide a platform for independent film producers to efficiently and effectively test their DCPs before showing them on the big screen.

The player is based on the Gigabyte Brix 4770R ultra compact PC design and is light and portable. The company says the mission at QuVis is to make DCP mastering and playback affordable to the masses. The Ovation II can be purchased as software only, allowing customers the to source their own hardware. The Ovation II provides a user-friendly drag and drop interface to activate and play DCPs.

Because the Ovation II is Linux based there are scores of open source applications available. The Ovation II is not only a player but is also a complete Linux computer. When the Ovation II is paired with Wraptor 4.0, it becomes a complete stand-alone mastering and playback platform.  With the addition of editing software, it then becomes a complete solution for the producer. Doughty says QuVis has been very focused on calibrating color in the Ovation II and the company is proud to claim that it out performs other players. With the latest release the Ovation II will support 4K-playback at the full DCP standard of 250Mb/s. The Ovation II ships with 250GB of internal storage as standard upgradable to 2TB.

Through USB3 connections the Ovation II supports external Raid arrays and can play directly from them making accessible storage limitless. The base model of the Ovation II will retail for $1,499 with storage upgrade options available.

QuVIS http://www.quvis.com