Quanta DGT/AAM Upgrading Entire Kinoplex Chain

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Wed, 07/02/2014 - 12:48 -- Nick Dager

Quanta DGT/AAM will be the integrator for the digitization of the largest Brazilian movie theatre chain, Kinoplex. Christie will supply projectors for the rollout, Doremi will supply the servers and Kelonik will be in charge of installations.

Kinoplex, which has more than 170 screens across Brazil, has signed a contract to be part of Quanta DGT/AAM’s VPF program to digitize its movie theatre chain. All of Kinoplex’s screens are part of the contract. The project includes the VPF integration, with Arts Alliance Media’s TMS Theatre Management System software and funding through the Audiovisual Sector Fund of ANCINE (the National Cinema Agency) via BNDES (the National Bank for Economical and Social Development).

Quanta DGT/AAM is the partnership set up between two of the main entertainment infrastructure players in Latin America (TELEM and DGT) and digital cinema company Arts Alliance Media.

According to Quanta DGT’s director of business development, Luiz Fernando Morau, the agreement represents the consolidation of Quanta DGT/AAM in the Brazilian market, with more than 70 percent of the national exhibitors having joined their VPF. “Quanta DGT/AAM, with the goal of always offering full flexibility regarding exhibitor’s choices, allowed Kinoplex to acquire the solution that better fitted the company’s needs, fulfilling the expectations of their demanding staff,” he said.

Doremi was chosen to equip the entire chain with servers, and the selected model is the ShowVault/IMB. “The decision was made based on the reliability of Doremi servers, which guarantee the highest uptime which means a longer seamless operation period”, said Doremi cinema sales manager for Brazil, Lucas Crantschaninov.

Christie will supply the projectors. “We are honored for Kinoplex having chosen Christie’s technology to build its digital cinema base,” said Bruno Tavares, Christie Digital Systems South America’s general manager. “We are very satisfied in adding this visionary exhibitor to our customer base, which is quickly growing in South America. The entire Christie staff, worldwide and also in Brazil, is eager to start working along Kinoplex, a company we have developed a solid relationship with.”

Kelonik will handle the installations. The rollout operation of Kinoplex is scheduled to start mid-July, when the equipment starts arriving in Brazil.