QSC Unveils New Flyable Subwoofers for Cinema

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Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:09 -- Nick Dager

QSC has introduced the SB-118F and SB-218F new flyable subwoofers designed for low frequency enhancement in Cinema applications. The subwoofers feature integrated handles and eight built-in mounting points making them ideal for safe and easy suspension from ceilings or walls.

The SB-118F has a single 18-inch driver, and the SB-218F has two 18-inch drivers. Both subwoofers can be safely suspended close to the ceiling so that interior décor is minimally affected.

“This new addition to our loudspeaker lineup provides Cinema owners a cost-effective subwoofer especially suited for today’s popular immersive sound applications,” says Barry Ferrell, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for QSC. “Both models feature a 4-ohm impedance rating, so one can use a smaller amplifier to get maximum performance at a lower total cost.”

The SB-118F/218F covers the frequency range from 37 Hz to 230 Hz and reaches high output performance with 800W/1600W continuous power rating. The custom 800-watt 18-inch transducers feature large 4-inch (101 mm) voice coils and a multi-vented pole piece to ensure cool operation, even at high power levels.

These loudspeakers feature two connector types for added flexibility during installation: Neutrik Speak-on for quick connect/disconnect, and traditional barrier strip connectors for ease of termination in the field. 

QSC http://www.qsc.com/cinema