QSC Releases DCP 100 Digital Cinema Processor

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Thu, 07/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

QSC Audio Products has released the DCP 100 Digital Cinema Processor which provides complete signal processing and monitoring functions in a single integrated rack-mount system. The DCP 100 offers many of the same features as the DCP 300 but at a lower price and is designed for six to eight channel systems that do not require CobraNet network audio distribution or 16 input channels. “In addition to cinema audio processing the DCP 100 also provides booth monitoring and digital crossovers in an integrated package that provides network control and monitoring of DSP amplifiers and loudspeakers ” says Barry Ferrell senior director of cinema solutions at QSC. “Moreover there are thousands of theaters around the world that are equipped with DCM-1 and DCM 10 monitor as well as DCA amps. By replacing the DCM monitors with the new DCP 100 theater operators not only upgrade to D-Cinema audio but they also get complete network control and monitoring of their existing DCA amps and loudspeakers.” Designed for use with QSC's Digital Cinema Amplifiers and featuring advanced DSP presets for QSC's Digital Cinema Speakers the DCP 100 optimizes loudspeaker performance while simplifying cinema sound system wiring and configuration. While maintaining many of the features of a DCP 300 the new DCP 100 Digital Cinema Processor includes inputs for up to eight audio channels and provides crossovers for three passive or bi-amplified screen channels. Network control and monitoring via SNMP is standard. The DCP 100 is ideal for cinema systems with three screen channels and two or four discrete surround channels. The unit is also compatible with analog cinema processor formats including Dolby Digital Surround-EX and DTS-ES and features an eight-channel analog input for integration with 35mm audio systems. The DCP 100 has a suggested list price of $6 000.