Projectiondesign introduces the cineo32 Production Specific DLP Projector

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Mon, 09/08/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Norwegian projector manufacturer projectiondesign previewed the first prototype of their cineo32 production specific projector to over 40 of London’s post-production and production community last month in Soho London. “In an effort to create a product that’s a perfect fit for the post-production environment we’ve worked very closely with the technical managers of leading post houses ” says Anders Løkke international marketing & communications manager at projectiondesign. “Their valuable feedback has been incorporated into the cineo32 projector and we’re delighted with the interest that the new product received from this launch event. We believe that the cineo32 will significantly benefit the post community in high definition digital cinematography VFX color correction and graphics work.” The cineo32 is a single-chip 1080p DLP projector offering high contrast and color uniformity. It features full 10-bit resolution a guaranteed REC 709 color space for accuracy and incorporates the latest version of BrilliantColor developed by Texas Instruments for improved performance.  This allows the user to calibrate the projector to produce a perfectly accurate image either through external 1D and 3D LUT generation or through its unique RealColor color management suite. The cineo32 features the new VIDI lamp technology from Philips that reduces artefacts in the displayed image. An HD-SDI and SDI optional input module is available. The projector comes with a wide range of precision projection optics and is also portable enabling it to be used with the on-set viewing of digital dailies or rushes. To cater for the increasing use of 3D the projector is available in 2D and 3D stereoscopic versions. Paul Sutton director at Kaurus says “We are a specialist supplier to the video and audio industry and were delighted with the success of this event which saw a very high amount of interest from Soho’s major players in post-production. The cineo32 projectors were shown alongside the Quantel iQ system and Draper screen as well as Kaurus PP1 low profile active speaker system Hubble colorimeter with Kaurus’ Pro calibratorStudio software and HP DreamColour monitors.” projectiondesign AttachmentSize projectiondesign135de.jpg21.75 KB