Premiere Cinemas Adopts Unique Digital’s RosettaPOS

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Mon, 06/19/2017 - 12:22 -- Nick Dager

Premiere Cinemas has adopted Unique Digital’s RosettaPOS softwarein all its sites, effective immediately. “We are very pleased to have been instrumental in the development and implementation of RosettaPOS, in close cooperation with the team at Unique Digital,” said David Horáček, co-owner of Premiere Cinemas.

“We are now able to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge RosettaPOS makes available to us about our customers, their purchasing behavior and their attendance patterns. This will allow us to better provide the services that our customers want, efficiently and effectively,” added David Jelinek, co-owner.

Premiere Cinemas and Unique Digital worked closely together in developing and refining the RosettaPOS product into a premium point of sales offering for cinema networks, regardless of their size.

“RosettaPOS has introduced functionality that wasn’t available in our legacy system allowing us to introduce a number of new initiatives such as our network wide Rewards scheme. The RosettaPOS software is only half the story though, aligned with the support from Unique Digital’s team we have been allowed to concentrate more on the operational aspects of the cinema,” said Jan Procházka, Premiere Cinemas technical director.

“Working with Premiere Cinemas has provided us with valuable information to supplement the extensive exhibition knowledge already inside our team. We have been fortunate to have been able to work with a customer who was as willing as Premiere Cinemas to push the point of sale technology,” said Greg Bridle, Unique Digital’s product manager.

RosettaPOS is available in either cloud based (SaaS) or self-hosted formats and integrates directly with Rosetta Net, Advertising Accord and the Unique Film Database.

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