Powster Launches Platform to Support the Doc Unrest

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Wed, 12/13/2017 - 11:19 -- Nick Dager

Powster has launched the official movie platform for Unrest to support the filmmaking team, promote the movie and increase ticket sales. 

As Unrest’s official movie platform, Powster’s platform allows users to search for theaters and find movie show times for Unrest across the whole of the U.S. and internationally. The platform is totally responsive across desktop and mobile devices. 

Unrest, which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, has had a successful theatrical and community screening run in the U.S. and UK with the help of Powster's platform.

By working with Unrest, a Sundance Institute Creative Distribution Fellowship recipient, Powster is encouraging data transparency within the industry. The platform tool will be featured in a case study developed by Sundance Institute. Powster’s ultimate goal is to encourage filmmakers to learn more about their audiences to help them better understand the trajectory of their career. The platform is totally responsive across desktop and mobile devices, and used by all six major movie studios as well as over 70 independent distributors.

“Working with Unrest and Sundance Institute’s creative distribution team supports Powster’s objective of growing the theatrical industry,” said Ste Thompson, CEO of Powster. “By providing world-class major movie studio theatrical marketing tools to independent filmmakers we are helping audiences discover new and exciting content.”

"We're grateful for the support Powster is providing the Unrest filmmakers,” said Chris Horton, director of Sundance Institute's creative distribution Initiative. “Powster's intuitive ticketing interface will provide the filmmakers with rich analytics that will aid their innovative approach to reaching audiences."

Unrest tells the story of Jennifer Brea, an active Harvard PhD student about to marry the love of her life when suddenly her body starts failing her. Hoping to shed light on her strange symptoms, Jennifer grabs a camera and films the darkest moments unfolding before her eyes as she is derailed by M.E. (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a mysterious illness some still believe is “all in your head.”

In this moving tale of love and loss, newlyweds Jennifer and Omar search for answers as they face unexpected obstacles with great heart. Often confined by her illness to the private space of her bed, Jen is moved to connect with others around the globe. Utilizing Skype, she unlocks a forgotten community with intimate portraits of four other families suffering similarly.

Brea’s wonderfully honest portrayal asks us to rethink the stigma around an illness that affects millions of people. Unrest is a vulnerable and eloquent personal documentary that is sure to hit closer to home than many could imagine.

Powster is a Vista Group company and a 2018 in-kind supporter of the Sundance Institute. 

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