Power to the Pixel to be held October 13-16 during BFI London Film Festival

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Fri, 09/18/2015 - 11:33 -- Nick Dager

Power to the Pixel has announced the 48 producers, financiers and commissioners who will form a special delegation to take part in this year’s Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum October 13-16 as part of the 59th BFI London Film Festival. 

Leading the Latin American delegation are funds INCAA (Mexico) IMCINE (Mexico) and RioFilme (Brazil). Each fund brings with them a group of production companies, executives and media experts will participate in The Conference (October 13), The Pixel Market Finance Forum (October 14), The Pixel Market Meetings (October 15) and the annual Think Tank (Octover 16). Other partners of the delegation are ABPITV, the Brazilian TV Producers Association, leading Latin American entertainment lawyer, Cesnik Quntino & Salinas and Brazilian co-production specialist, Filmcup Institute.

The British Council have also supported 16 producers and company representatives working in cross-platform and interactive media innovation from across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay to attend.

Participants of the Focus include Chatrone’s CEO Carina Schulze, producer of Golden Globes nominated and Annie Awards winner Book of Life; Natalí Schejtman, executive producer – interactive producer at Canal Encuentro who co-produced Primal with NFB Canada; Jaime Romandía, producer at Fotosintesis Media and winner of Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize 2007 for Silent Light (Reygadas) and Best Director Award in 2012 and 2013 with Post Tenebras Lux (Reygadas) and Heli (Escalante). Fernando Salem, director at El Perro En El Luna and co-creator of The Amazing Journey of Zamba, awarded the Prix Jeunesse International 2014 and nominated for the International Emmy Kids Awards. Pablo Aristizabal creator of IDoTainment Transmedia of Iberoamerica, which comprises the social learning web called Aula365, which has more than 5 million users.

Participating National Fund heads include Manoel Rangel, president of the National Cinema Agency in Brazil (ANCINE), Claudia Triana de Vargas, executive director of Proimágenes in Colombia and Jorge Sánchez Sosa, executive director of The Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE).

Six participants attending with a selected Pixel Market project will also be presented in a special panel at The Pixel Market Finance Forum on October 14.

Liz Rosenthal, CEO and founder, Power to the Pixel says, “Thanks to the generous support of our partners, we’re thrilled to be able to showcase the impressive range of talent that the region has to offer and enable new partnerships and international collaborations between Latin American companies and the huge range of media companies participating in Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum.”

Will Massa, senior film program manager, British Council says,“The British Council is pleased to be supporting a delegation of cross-media innovators from across Latin America to take part this year. There are brilliant digital projects and 360-degree storytelling springing up all over the continent, so it is great that we can play a role in helping 16 producers from the region connect with UK counterparts and the international industry in London this autumn.

Ariel Direse, head of digitization and new media department, The Argentinian National Institute or Cinema and audio-visual arts (INCAA), says “INCAA is really proud to join Power to the Pixel and bring with the help of British Council, the First Official Argentine Delegation to Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum. We believe in the potential of our projects and producers and would like to introduce them to new partners from all over the world to work together in creating new, original and vibrant audiovisual content.”

Jorge Sanchez, executive director, IMCINE says, “The digital era is not something of the future it is here and it is now. The vast array of possibilities it opens up for film professionals and users are both mesmerizing and exciting! We have to keep up and figure out new and creative ways to tell our stories so they continue to be relevant for the public.”

Elena Achar, head of exports, ProMexico says, “Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum is an important event in our agenda as part of the Dual Year Mexico-UK through which we have been working towards building a closer relationship and building strong ties for the time to come. We are pleased that Power to the Pixel has been part of this process aiming to bring closer our creative companies and enhancing the opportunity of co-productions and mutual collaboration amongst them.”

Mariana Ribas, CEO, RioFilme, FIRJAN and SICAV says, “RioFilme is proud to be part of Power To The Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum as a partner of this year's Latin American Focus. It's an honor to participate with the Brazilian delegation in the event and also support, along with Firjan and Sicav, three high qualified cross-platform project creators such as Marcos, Malu and Carina.”

Rodrigo Kopke Salinas, founder/ partner, Cesnik, Quintanos & Salinas says, “The program presents an excellent selection of projects from the region.” 

Rachel do Valle, executive manager, Brazilian TV Producers says, “For the first time Brazilian TV Producers, the export program developed in partnership with Apex-Brasil and the Association of Independent Brazilian TV Producers (ABPITV), supports the Brazilian presence at Power to the Pixel. It’s part of our strategy to foster international coproduction for our cross media companies.”

For updates on The Pixel Market and more information on The Cross-Media Forum go to http://www.powertothepixel.com/power-to-the-pixel-the-cross-media-forum/...