PMI Digital Upgrades Facility

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Sun, 06/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

PMI Digital has installed a Utah Scientific 400 digital routing switcher interfaced with a Barco high-resolution multi-viewer in its new 20 000 square foot facility in Pittsburgh. Besides providing video and audio production editing and post-production PMI distributes multiple syndicated satellite feeds for its clients. In January PMI relocated to a new facility with an all-new technical infrastructure. The company's new 144x144 frame router along with associated control panels and control software replaces a less robust analog/digital hybrid manufactured by another vendor. Just like a broadcaster we operate 24/7 and we can't afford down time with a critical component like the router says Ed Fraticelli PMI's chief engineer. We wanted a self-contained all-SDI switcher and once we filtered out those that weren't built to broadcast standards of reliability we found several with the features we wanted. What set Utah Scientific apart were the outstanding customer service and the 10-year no-cost warranty. We were impressed with those. And it didn't hurt that the president of the company came by to have lunch with us. Another Utah Scientific selling point was the cost-effective compact multi-viewer solution which is easy to set up and easy to modify besides storing 10 setups with push-button recall. Features of the Barco 16-channel SMV-116 multiviewer include as many as 16 auto-sensing composite SD and HD (3G) inputs as well as DVI-I video inputs (up to 1080p) for displaying schedules or important computer status information. When Utah Scientific got its start more than 30 years ago we were all about broadcast says Tom Harmon president and CEO of Utah Scientific. Today the media industry is much different and we find our routing systems are vital and effective components in a much wider variety of settings. No matter what the application though the high quality of our products and our service remain the same. Barco PMI Digital