Picture Production Company Adds EditShare Storage Capability

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Wed, 07/26/2017 - 12:05 -- Nick Dager

Film-marketing agency Picture Production Company is the first facility to place an order for the EditShare XStream EFS 300 single-node, scale-out storage platform. Renowned for its creative work, PPC has locations in Soho, London and Los Angeles, and produces trailers, television spots and online video for some of the world’s largest film studios.

The full schedule keeps the two offices running 24 hours a day, working on multiple feature film campaigns at any given time.

“We have a range of systems in our London office, complementing our many workflows. To expand our portfolio, and specifically our Avid environment initially, we immediately thought of EditShare for our shared storage infrastructure, because EditShare supports the lot,” said Nick Tipping, PPC technical director. “EditShare will work with Avid. It will work with Premiere Pro. It will even work with Final Cut Pro 7, and most other edit platforms you can think of. The new EFS 300 model is a very robust, cost-effective solution. We have had an EditShare system in our Los Angeles office for a couple of years now and have had nothing but good results, so it was a perfect choice.”

The move to EditShare also provides a level of granularity in terms of managing media space access that well serves the PPC workflow. Tipping said, “Given the nature of our business, security and media access are extremely important and with EditShare you can control who gets access to which media spaces very easily, with full Active Directory integration. We handle sensitive material for many of our clients, and are regularly inspected and audited to ensure we are security-compliant. Having the content on EditShare, completely locked down on its own media space, allowing access only to those editors who need it – that is an absolute necessity for us.” 

The reliability of EFS combined with its fault-tolerant design also played a part in PPC’s decision to go with the new EFS 300 model. Tipping added, “Content protection is certainly important to us. The distributed architecture means that EditShare is some of the most secure storage we have in the building. If we had a hardware failure, the fault-tolerant design means we are always protected, and would not experience any downtime or data loss.”

Paul Saint, who oversees the new EditShare Soho office said, “Facilities like PPC get the performance and protection they require without having to invest in a multi-node cluster out of the gate. They can scale as needed, without compromising on performance or security thanks to incredibly versatile data protection features. Plus, they can leverage the EditShare portfolio of products to expand workflows to include production asset management, parking content, QC and archiving within one fully connected media ecosystem.”

For more information, please visit http://www.editshare.com/products/xstream.

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