Philadelphia Insurance Companies Offer Film Production Insurance

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Fri, 10/08/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Philadelphia Insurance Companies has launched an insurance product for the film production industry. PHLY designed its film production product to meet the unique needs of film producers film production companies film schools photographers and videographers offering coverage that includes general liability with abuse and molestation inland marine property auto and excess liability. “PHLY is excited to add film production to its lineup of entertainment products and we view this as a natural progression in the evolution of our program ” says Donna Mescall underwriting manager. “The package approach provides the film production industry with a ‘one stop shop’ to fulfill their property auto general liability and excess liability insurance needs while coverage enhancements provide a broad array of coverages specific to film exposures including but not limited to coverage for faulty stock negative film third party property damage and others. The program targets the film production companies with per production costs of $1 000 000 or less offering short term and annual production policies.” Philadelphia Insurance Companies