Petrol Bags Introduces 10th Anniversary Line

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Sun, 06/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

To commemorate its tenth anniversary Petrol Bags has introduced the Black Deca line which the company says sets a new standard in professional bags. Black Deca equipment bags feature a sleek practical new design in striking black fabric and are packed with a host of industry leading new advantages. A plastic exchangeable logo frame lets the user easily add their logo for personal branding. An ingenious new internal LED lighting system illuminates the interior of the bag making contents much easier to identify and organize. The lights are replaceable and easily installed or removed via a convenient internal zipper. Power is supplied by standard AA batteries (not included). The floor of many of the new bags is equipped with Petrol’s new shock-resistant molded AbsorbaPad. Attached by hook and loop material it provides delicate equipment with an extra level of protection against accidental damage from the jolts and jostles that can occur during transit. A proprietary pattern of ridges and raised dots on the surface of the Pad provide a steadfast grip to keep contents steady and safe. The new Deca Snaplock is a handy external wheel and tote assembly that comfortably transports many of the new Black Deca bags. When not in use it folds into a compact lightweight package designed for easy storage and transportation. Users simply pull up the telescoping top handle to expand it to its full length. The trolley is designed to fit and comfortably carry six different models of Black Deca camera bags (one at a time). Once a bag is placed on the Snaplock baseplate the system attaches quickly to two connecting brackets on the base of the bag. Thanks to its conveniently located oversized quick release button adding or removing the trolley takes just seconds – and is accomplished with a single click.  With the system in place and ready to roll Snaplock’s top line skate wheels ensure smooth gliding effortless toting. Petrol Bags