Paul Newman Retrospective set for August 13 in Los Angeles

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Sun, 07/12/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Downtown Film Festival-Los Angeles and Brookfield Properties are pleased to announce a Paul Newman Film Retrospective on the evening of August 13th starting at 6:00 pm at 7+FIG located in the heart of Downtown L.A. The tribute will include free-to-the-public screenings of two of Newman's most critically acclaimed films Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Hud as well as special events that will take place throughout the evening. Cloris Leachman winner of nine Emmy Awards and an Oscar (Best Supporting Actress 1972 The Last Picture Show) will make an appearance at the screening of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in support of her role as Agnes in the film. Directed by George Roy Hill the movie won several awards including an Oscar for Best Screenplay and a BAFTA for Best Picture and went on to become the highest-grossing film of the year. Hud was directed by Martin Ritt and looks at the life of Hud Bannon (Paul Newman) an arrogant self-centered cowboy who does not have a care in the world. His nephew Lonnie (Brandon De Wilde) lives with Hud and the duo starts to grow closer much to the chagrin of Hud's father Homer (Melvyn Douglas). The film observes the relationships between the family members and the consequences that result from it. It went onto win several awards including an Oscar for Cinematography and an Oscar nomination for Newman's performance. In a film career spanning five decades Newman had many celebrated roles but many critics consider his performance in Hud his finest. Roger Mayer the festival's programming director calls Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid “a tremendously successful film that rewrote Westerns embodying what Bonnie and Clyde did to gangster films by mixing at the time a very modern technique with a classic genre. Hud was unique in that the main character Newman was the bad guy. Newman set the tone for the new anti-hero and really showed that he had range solidifying him as a powerful hero as well as embodiment of disenfranchised youth. The movie was about the death of the West defining a new era of encroachment of newer business practices like the onset of greed and capitalism. The outdoor film screenings will be preceded by an introduction by a representative from The Hole in the Wall Camp and the Painted Turtle. Newman founded The Hole in the Wall Camp in 1988 to support seriously ill children and give them an empowering experience away from home. Named after the gang from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid the camp serves approximately 3 000 children year-round and has expanded nation-wide to spawn similar programs such as The Painted Turtle with the camp's services being free of charge. Downtown Film Festival-Los Angeles ,1090
Film & Kino Announces National Digital Cinema Roll Out in Norway,2009-07-13, Film & Kino the Norwegian interest organization for cinemas has announced the world’s first non-commercial complete national digital roll out with agreements with Twentieth Century Fox United International Pictures (the local distributor for Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures in Norway) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and Warner Bros. Pictures International.
 According to Film & Kino this complete digital roll out will transform all of Norway’s cinemas big and small to modern DCI-compliant digital cinema houses. The roll out will start in late 2009 after the completion of public tenders for the procurement of equipment and services required for the digitization process. 
  “This is a great undertaking for a small country ” says Jorgen Stensland director of consultants at Film & Kino. “Under these agreements Disney Fox Paramount Universal and Warner have committed to deliver wide releases to Norwegian digital cinemas. The deal also covers our own mobile cinema in rural areas. Film & Kino’s goal of delivering quality film all over this country is secured in the future by these agreements. We are happy that Norwegians will be able to experience the perfect quality of a DCI-compliant digital exhibition which will also give our audiences the opportunity to see the new generation of 3D films that are underway. We look forward to working together with the studios to make this happen.”
  The agreements will help facilitate the financing of the conversion to digital cinema. The costs will be shared between distributors cinemas and Film & Kino. 
“A success like this is the result of a great team effort. We want to thank our team members for their unflagging commercial technical and legal support during these negotiations ” says Roar Svartberg acting director of Film & Kino.
Roger Pollock Paramount Pictures’ executive vice president International Distribution & Operations says “Digital distribution and the growth of 3D cinema is the future of our industry enabling films to be seen in the highest quality and most dynamic ways possible. Film & Kino is aggressively stepping forward to place Norway at the forefront of this technology providing their audiences with the very best movie-viewing experience available. This is an important step in Europe’s roll out to digital conversion and will hopefully serve as an influential example across the region.” 

 Julian Levin executive vice president digital exhibition Twentieth Century Fox says “We are delighted to have closed a deployment agreement with Film & Kino. This important deal is the first of its kind covering the conversion from 35mm film to DCI compliant digital projection for the entire country. The transition to a digital projection platform will additionally provide the foundation for 3D exhibition capability exhibition of alternative content and improved flexibility in distribution and exhibition operations. The ultimate beneficiary of the transition will be the movie going audience. We look forward to working with our colleagues at Film & Kino during the transition and providing Fox’s movies in 2D and 3D to Film & Kino digital projection system deployments.”

 Duncan Clark executive vice president international distribution Universal Pictures International says We’re pleased to be working with Film & Kino to help the Norwegian cinema industry transition to digital cinema via our UIP territorial office in Norway. Clearly the growth of 3-D cinema and digital distribution is the future of our business and this complete rollout of digital to Norway’s cinemas which has the backing of the Norwegian government is an important step. Norway is the latest country to become part of the extensive conversion to digital that is being rolled out to cinemas in Europe. By supplying our movies digitally we hope audiences in Norway as early as later this year will soon be able to experience the highest quality cinema experience via the best digital technology available.”
 Jason Brenek senior vice president worldwide digital cinema and cinema programming Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures says “Digital cinema is taking a giant leap forward in Norway thanks to the tremendous efforts of Film & Kino.  This is a bold and exciting move to transform all of Norway’s theaters to state-of-the-art DCI-compliant equipment and give moviegoers the best possible theatrical experience.  Disney remains committed to digital cinema and digital 3D and will continue to work with Film & Kino to bring the future of exhibition to moviegoers in a timely and cost effective manner.  Our lineup of upcoming films includes a wide variety of titles that showcase this latest digital technology including many films presented in Disney Digital 3D.” Veronika Kwan-Rubinek president international distribution from Warner Brothers says “Warner Bros. is excited about this unique partnership with Film & Kino the first-ever deployment model that aims to digitize an entire country.  This holistic transition to DCI compliant digital projection systems firmly establishes Norway as a leader in technological innovation and ensures the continued growth of this robust theatrical market. ,1091
Independent Film Gala to Honor Tower Productions
,2009-07-14, IFP/Chicago will be honoring Towers Productions at this year’s 2009 Independent Film Gala on September 25th. Towers Productions was chosen as the Honoree for the 2009 Independent Film Gala in celebration of their 20th Anniversary and dedication to production in the Midwest.

 Towers Productions Inc. has produced over one thousand hours of factual and entertainment programming for networks around the world such as A Animal Planet Bio CNN and Discovery Channel to name a few. TPI is part of the multi-media group Towers Holdings Inc. whose activities also include branded entertainment equipment rentals media services and program distribution.

 IFP/Chicago’s third annual Independent Film Gala will be held at Chicago’s WIT Hotel. The evening will be launched by a VIP reception followed by The Independent Film Gala. There will be food drinks and entertainment along with amazing silent and live auctions. The evening promises to be a fabulous networking opportunity while continuing with its reputation as eventful and inspiring.

 All proceeds will go to expand IFP/Chicago’s services and programs serving the filmmaking community throughout the Midwest including a successful mentorship program focused on supporting underserved youth. The IFP/Chicago mentorship program produces a completely student-created film each year with students from The Chicago Vocational Career Academy. Due to the success of last year’s Gala IFP/Chicago was able to add a second school to the roster.  

IFP/Chicago’s entirely student-produced films have won the Student Award of Excellence for Technical Achievement from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the past two years making CVCA the second school in history to win the award twice. The films The Last Stain and Hush can be viewed on the IFP/Chicago website. IFP/Chicago ,1093
New Report Surveys Exhibition in the United States ,2009-07-14,According to a new survey from the company Research and Markets the U.S. movie theatre industry includes about 2 000 companies with combined annual revenue of $11 billion and around 5 000 indoor theatres and 300 drive-ins. Major companies include Regal Entertainment AMC Entertainment and Cinemark. The industry is highly concentrated: the 50 largest firms own half of the nation's theatres and earn around 85 percent of industry revenue. A typical company is small with average annual revenue under $700 000 one theatre and fewer than 20 employees.    Personal income and leisure time drive demand. The profitability of individual companies depends on securing access to popular movies and sales of high-margin food and beverages. Large companies have advantages in negotiating with movie distributors; marketing; and economies of scale in purchasing. Small companies can compete effectively by specializing in movie type or audience or providing better service and amenities. Average annual revenue per worker is $80 000.    Major services are sales of tickets food and beverages. Ticket admissions account for almost 70 percent of industry revenue; food and beverage for more than 25 percent; and on-screen advertisements over one percent. Other services include facility and concession rental during non-peak hours amusement machine use and merchandise sales. Drive-ins have fewer services than indoor theatres and on average earn 80 percent of revenue from admission sales 15 percent from food and beverages and less than five percent from facility rental.    Click here for more information. ,1096
NCM has Minority Stake in New Venture Formed by Danoo and IdeaCast,2009-07-14, Danoo operator of a digital location-based media network with interactive video screens in retail locations has acquired IdeaCast a provider of advertising in the rapidly expanding captive television category. The companies say that this combination creates one of the largest and most advanced media platforms in the location-based media space. As part of the transaction exhibitor National CineMedia and venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers will each hold a minority interest in the new company. In making the announcement Aileen Lee Danoo CEO said “We’re thrilled about this strategic combination of our talented teams and the broad array of world-class partnerships supporting us. IdeaCast is a company with incredible momentum and we believe its Captive TV proposition represents one of the most compelling advertising opportunities for marketers looking to engage their increasingly on-the-go consumer base. The addition of IdeaCast’s networks allows Danoo to offer advertisers deep nationwide scale along with the ability to bring relevant digital media to a desirable consistent audience at key points in their day. With industry leading investors like NCM the country’s leader in digital cinema media and KPCB who have helped scale entrepreneurial ventures like Amazon Netscape and Google Danoo is in a terrific position to build a new type of digital media opportunity.” 

 Kurt Hall NCM CEO added “This transaction furthers our original IdeaCast investment strategy to create a location-based media incubator that may one day provide an additional growth engine for NCM. This new larger unique platform will offer media buyers the combination of nationwide reach and the ability to narrowly target messages to specific geographic locations. As location-based digital media is still overly fragmented this combination is an important step in our effort to bring greater national reach and more standardized buying metrics to the media community.” 
 The assets acquired by Danoo had been previously acquired by NCM from the original IdeaCast entity. The new Danoo corporate entity will continue to operate and sell advertising across its digital media networks under the Danoo and IdeaCast brands. Danoo and IdeaCast have exclusive contracts to present content and advertising in thousands of high traffic and extended dwell time venues including top-tier health clubs airport newsstands seatback TVs on JetBlue Frontier and Continental Airlines and a dense concentration of coffeehouses upscale delis and cafes in the top U.S. media markets. The arrangement unites the best location-based media opportunities with leading technology such as transparent ad insertion IP-based geo-targeting mobile interactivity digital content distribution and dynamic content localization. The new entity provides advertisers and marketers an unprecedented platform to reach the elusive upscale mobile professional underserved by traditional media such as television ,1097
Production Begins on Oka! Amerikee,2009-07-14,Roland Films and James Bruce Productions are proud to announce Oka! Amerikee a bittersweet comedy based on the unlikely friendship between an American ethnomusicologist and the Bayaka people of the Central African Republic. The film stars Kris Marshall Isaach Bankole and natives to the areas: Bayaka and Bantu. Based on true events from distinguished ethnomusicologist Louis Sarno’s life Sarno co-wrote the script with the film’s director Lavinia Currier. Currier’s credits includes directing the feature films Passion in the Desert a Roland Productions film distributed by New Line and Heart of the Garden. She is a character-driven and deeply sensitive student of the human condition. Currier says “With Oka! Amerikee I want to create a film that celebrates the culture music and spirituality of Central Africa. I want to make the audience see an alternative view to ‘bad news’ Africa and propose a positive voice. A voice that loudly proclaims how special it truly is.” The story is told through the eyes of the Bayaka Pygmies and paints a modern day picture of Central African today. This gives the film a notably lighthearted tone as it celebrates the Pygmies joyful approach to dance and music and complete respect for the equatorial forest where they live. Juxtaposing Sarno’s story with the Pygmies day-to-day lends itself to comparisons with the great independent critical and commercial success The Gods Must Be Crazy. Currier will produce with James Bruce. Bruce is widely known and respected for his work as a reality TV producer on the mega-hit television series: The Apprentice and The Restaurant. He most recently completed Case 219 starring Evan Ross and Harold Perrineau. Conrad W. Hall will be the director of photography. The son of Oscar Award winning Director of Photography Conrad L. Hall (American Beauty and Road to Perdition) Hall most recently completed Case 39 starring Renee Zellweger. Oka! Amerikee is the first film to be shot by a non-African production company in Central Africa. Lisa Hamil is currently casting the film. Principal photography is underway in Dzanga-Sangha. ,1098
Q Black Media Acquires the Rights To Janet Fitch’s novel Paint it Black
,2009-07-14, Q Black Entertainment has acquired the rights to Janet Fitch’s Paint it Black. Chris Luu Joe Q. Bretz and David Blackford”s company who bested multiple suitors for the rights will produce along with Coup d’ Etat Films and Deviant Films. Following the success of White Oleander Fitch has again created unforgettable and dynamic female characters in her latest work Paint it Black.  An intense psychological ride into the heart of Los Angeles’ 80s punk scene Fitch’s indelible heroine Josie Tyrell after rescuing herself from a meager white-trash existence finds herself at a crossroads when her lover Michael Faraday unexpectedly commits suicide.   As in her previous work Fitch masterfully explores the relationship of two complex characters as Josie and her lover’s overbearing mother Meredith Loewy battle over his love even after his death leaving Josie to unravel the mystery of Michael’s death that will leave audiences guessing until the redemptive climax. “It seems like every few years there are female characters so powerful they leap off the page and demand to be brought to life on the screen.  Paint it Black is just such a work. We can’t get over how fortunate we are to be entrusted with adapting Janet Fitch’s taut and intelligent thriller ” says Luu. Adds Bretz “Being a huge fan of White Oleander just knowing this was Fitch’s follow-up work sparked our interest initially but the story hooks you from the very beginning and keeps you engrossed until the last page.  It is a truly gritty visceral and breathless tale that provides dream roles for the two leads.  It will have actresses fighting to be a part of this story.” Janet Fitch whose prior noel White Oleander starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Alison Lohman was produced in 2002 to rave reviews is repped by ICM. Phil Rosen handled the negotiations on behalf of Q Black. Films currently in development at Q Black include Chasing Valentino by newcomers Kerrigan Mahan and Steve Stevens.  Q Black’s most recent production of the Rob Schneider film The Chosen One is currently in post-production and slated for a late 2009 release. Q Black Media ,1099
Sony to Install 83 CineAlta 4K Projectors for Apollo Cinemas,2009-07-14,Sony Digital Cinema and Apollo Cinemas have announced an agreement for the deployment of 83 CineAlta 4K digital cinema projectors a third of which will be able to deliver 3D content. This move makes Apollo Cinemas the first in Europe to move to Sony Digital Cinema virtual print fee.   Rob Arthur managing director of Apollo Cinemas says “This agreement puts Apollo among the most innovative cinema operators in the world and will establish the UK's first fully digital circuit and in CineAlta 4K. The CineAlta 4K digital systems provide outstanding image and sound quality and will enable us to extend our programming to alternative content delivering new and exciting experiences for our existing and future customers.” Oliver Pasch head of Sony's digital cinema business in Europe says “This really is an exciting agreement that clearly demonstrates Sony Digital Cinema's commitment to the long-term success of the cinema industry heralding a new era for digital cinema. This agreement enables Apollo to capitalize on the enormous opportunities that digital cinema offers to strengthen and sustain their business as well as to revolutionize the movie-going experience.” ,1101
XDC Announces Two Digital Cinema Deals in Europe,2009-07-14,In recent weeks digital cinema service company XDC has announced a deal with Polish exhibitor Multikino and another with exhibitor Euroscoop in the Netherlands to install new digital systems in multiple theatres. In the first announcement XDC says that it has signed a Letter of Intent for the deployment of digital cinema systems in 174 of Multikino's cinema screens in Poland. The Letter of Intent signed between Multikino and XDC includes the roll out of DCI-compliant projection systems co-financed by the Virtual Print Fee model represented by XDC. Multikino and XDC plan to sign final deployment agreement within three months. Rollout is scheduled to begin in Autumn 2009 with an initial commitment of 100 screens throughout the year 2010. The whole installation process is to be completed by 2011. Piotr Zygo chief executive officer of Multikino says Entering in VPF deal with XDC we improve our competitive advantage in term of quality of films and capability of screening 2D and 3D content as well as we open space for alternative content and leverage our advertising tools. Those factors should generated new streams of Multikino's revenue in the future. XDC’s Serge Plasch says It's a real pleasure to announce our fourth major VPF deal in Europe. Multikino is the leading exhibitor in Poland. We are convinced to build a fruitful cooperation with them on many aspects: exhibition services distribution alternative content and advertising. XDC is probably the only company in Europe able to provide smart solutions for each of these revenue segments. In the second announcement Barco says it has formed a partnership with XDC and Euroscoop for the installation of 61 digital cinema projectors in six Benelux multiplexes. Euroscoop has been using Barco digital projectors for more than a year in some of its theaters and has chosen Barco projection for the complete digitization of its chain. Under the partnership XDC and Barco will roll out DCI-compliant projection systems co-financed by the VPF model. Rollout is scheduled to begin in September with full digitalization of the six cinemas throughout the rest of the year. Most of the Euroscoop theaters will be equipped for 3D screening. Luc Van de Casseye CEO of Euroscoop says “We are very happy to sign this agreement with XDC and Barco. Barco has been setting the technology pace in the cinema market and we know from our good experience with the Barco digital cinema projectors in our Tilburg complex that they have great reliability and the lowest possible cost of ownership.” Tim Sinnaeve sales director EMEA for Barco's digital cinema business says “The contract with Euroscoop confirms the momentum in today's cinema market. Moreover we are pleased to further strengthen our leading position in Europe with another reference customer joining our reference list. Under the terms of the agreement XDC will exclusively install DCI-compliant digital projection systems: Barco 2K Cinema projectors and XDC's CineStore Solo G3 D-Cinema servers. Barco's digital cinema projectors are based on the pioneering DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments guaranteeing perfect reproduction of cinema content time and time again ensuring moviegoers enjoy the highest quality film experience with consistent picture brightness contrast and vibrant colors. ,1104
Digital Cinema Day at IBC will Focus in part on Stereoscopic 3D,2009-07-29, Monday September 14th is officially D Cinema Day at IBC 09 and in the morning the focus will be firmly on stereoscopic 3D for the cinema. Chaired by 3D film producer and session architect Phil Streather CEO of pioneering giant-screen movie production company Principal Large Format the morning’s program will guide delegates through the complete process of 3D moviemaking from pre-visualization through stereo 3D acquisition and on to stereo 3D editing. “If 3D is going to drive our industry forward then we are going to need fantastic 3D content and plenty of it ” says Streather whose 3D Masterclass at IBC 08 drew hundreds of attendees. D Cinema Day executive producer Dave Monk says “We are delighted to have Phil’s input on this session. He is one of the most knowledgeable producer/consultants working in Europe today and he has opened his little black book and pulled together a world class set of speakers.” Says Streather “The purpose of our program on D-Cinema Day at IBC 09 is to ensure that people are aware of the latest tools in 3D content creation and editing how they can be used and what benefits they can bring to a project. Fantastic though it is not everybody can afford a Quantel Pablo with the stereo tool set. But there are alternatives out there that are more accessible to smaller or independent production companies and our aim is to showcase some of them to an audience that might so far have limited or no experience of 3D movie-making. The more people who can have access to tools to make good 3D the better. Thus the morning aligns to a narrative that will have a beginning a middle and an end: a beginner’s guide followed by tutorials on how to pre-visualize 3D before shooting how to shoot and finally how to edit.” The session begins with a primer offered by Bernard Mendiburu LA-based CGI stereographer whose credits include Meet The Robinsons and Monsters vs. Aliens. A respected industry consultant and author of the newly published book 3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema From Script To Screen Mendiburu will offer an overview of the latest developments in 3D workflow which will enable delegates to get the best from the three presentations that follow. The second part of the session will be led by Ken Schafer president of Innoventive Software who will look at pre-visualization. A provider of cutting-edge software solutions for the film and television industries since 1991 Schafer will demonstrate how Innoventive Software’s latest package FrameForge Previz Studio 3 allows users to prep live-action stereo 3D shoots. The session’s third presentation will be by stereographer Steve Schklair CEO of 3ality Digital who returns to IBC to demonstrate the tools that are needed to capture the very best stereo images. Schklair whose most recent work includes overseeing the production post-production and completion of U2 3D at the 3ality Digital studio in Burbank California will use projected images from live cameras positioned outside the auditorium to demonstrate alignment misalignment image correction intertaxial and convergence shifting and much more. Editing and image manipulation take on new importance in the 3D moviemaking process with stereoscopic depth and acquisition inconsistencies needing to be processed to ensure viewer comfort and the proper deployment of dramatic effect. The morning’s final presentation hosted by David Newman CTO of CineForm will demonstrate how the company’s neo3D plug-in for Final Cut Pro can manipulate images correct vertical misalignment perform Horizontal Image Translation and more all using the revolutionary and virtually lossless CineForm codec as used on the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire. Streather says “The second third and fourth sessions will be a complete antidote to the theoretical PowerPoint-based approach of so many industry seminars. Using the IBC Big Screen in the RAI Auditorium which holds 3 000 people our speakers – who are all professionals at the top of their game – will demonstrate the latest 3D imaging techniques in real time using real-world content in a real cinematic environment. This will give delegates an opportunity to see not just how stereoscopic effects can be created but also some of the problems they may typically encounter along the way – along with appropriate solutions.” The program will end with a round-table Q&A session chaired by Streather and attended by all four speakers during which delegates will get the chance to discuss the most pressing issues surrounding 3D moviemaking. “After they’ve attended this session we just don’t want delegates to get started making 3D content ” says Streather. “We want them to create movies that are effective appealing impactful future proof and above all profitable.” IBC Principal Large Format ,1118
Barco Claims 80 Percent Market Share in China with 1000th Projector,2009-07-29,Barco has announced that it has completed its 1 000th digital cinema projector installation in China. The company says it has a market share of more than 80 percent in the country. Barco has been working closely with GDC Technology to provide one-stop digital cinema solutions to exhibitors in China since the two companies announced a partnership in March 2007. The companies say they have worked on a number of successful deals and will continue to do so in the future. Only recently major deals with prime exhibitors like Jinyi Hengdian and the China Film Group were announced for a total of more than 200 digital cinema projectors. “China is one of the fastest growing cinema markets in the world and Barco is proud to be part of its transition to digital ” says Frank Christiaens Barco’s president Greater China. “Barco has a long term commitment towards the digital cinema market and has made severe efforts towards the China market. We very much value our existing partnerships and our customers’ confidence in Barco digital cinema projectors.” “China has always been at the forefront in digital innovation. Already in 2006 Barco signed a historic deal with Dadi Digital Cinemas and we have a market share of more than 80 percent in China” says Alain Solomon vice president of Barco’s Digital Cinema business. “Our Chinese customers especially value our reliability and low total cost of ownership resulting from the modular design and use of standard lamps in our projector design.” Barco ,1120
Wider Angles for Canon & Panasonic Cameras with new Century Add-on Lenses,2009-07-29,Schneider Optics has introduced a new line of Century Pro Series HD lens accessories to complement and enhance the performance of 43mm front lens thread camcorders. To expand the wide-angle capabilities of the camcorders this line includes the .5X HD Wide Angle Adapter the lightest and most economical way to increase coverage. For zoom-through wide angles there’s the 65X Wide Angle HD Converter. And for super wide exaggerated angles there’s the .3X HD Ultra Fisheye Adapter. The Century optical attachments feature multi-coated glass elements. Units thread neatly to the front of the 43mm camera lens. For cameras with 37mm front threads a 37mm to 43mm step-up ring is included at no extra charge. Schneider Optics ,1123
CineDDR said to be Available on August 1,2009-07-29, CineForm and Drastic Technologies are releasing the CineDDR which the companies say delivers an accelerated workflow by creating media files that are immediately usable in post production – a significant development over tape workflows whose recording formats are not widely supported in post-production. The CineDDR made its debut at NAB 2009. “HDcam SR has proven to be a workhorse technology for film and television production and post work ” says David Taylor CEO and co-founder of CineForm.  “Our strategy with CineDDR is to offer cost savings and labor efficiency that exceeds tape workflows while also offering higher visual fidelity and feature compatibility demanded by professional workflows.  Partnering with Drastic was a perfect fit for CineDDR because it allowed CineForm to focus on compression features and performance while leveraging the rich deck control features and user interface expertise for which Drastic is known.” “The result of our collaboration with CineForm represents a significant workflow enhancement for the post production market ” says James Brooks manager of development Drastic Technologies.  “Combining our expertise in developing tapeless digital disk recording solutions with CineForm’s innovative compression workflow creates an entirely new opportunity for customers to adopt a streamlined capture/playback solution with the functionality of a professional production VTR and a familiar VTR-style front end for ease of operation and a minimal learning curve.”

 As a software-based solution the companies say that customers can assemble a CineDDR recording/playout system by adding an Intel Core i7-based PC or Mac with RAID storage plus an AJA Xena (Windows) or Kona (Mac) card.  The integration cost for dual-link recording and play out for a CineDDR system is less than $10 000 enabling an ownership model instead of a rental model because the integrated price point is approximately one tenth the cost of purchasing a fully featured HDcam SR deck.

 CineDDR software will be offered in both single-link and dual-link versions and also in versions that support both Windows and Mac OS X. The single-link version of CineDDR is priced at $2500. The dual-link version is priced at $4000. The Windows version of CineDDR is available for purchase and trial download from CineForm’s website.  The Mac version of CineDDR will be available in the coming weeks.   Turnkey solutions were set to be available August 1st.

 CineForm Drastic Technologies ,1124
Civolution Acquires Thomson’s Watermarking Business,2009-07-29, Civolution has announced that it has acquired the software and technology solutions watermarking business from Thomson which will become a shareholder in Civolution. 

 “As an independent company following the acquisition of Teletrax and Civolution’s successful spin-out from Philips Royal Electronics last year this latest acquisition is a natural next step in the execution of our strategy ” says Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra. “In these volatile economic times we aim to become the most secure and trusted player in the industry offering our customers unrivalled technical excellence and support. The combination of the Thomson STS team with its rich heritage as an innovative developer of technologies and the ground-breaking expertise of the Civolution team creates a uniquely talented group.”
Thomson continues to be committed to the content identification market and says it has agreed to enter into a technology collaboration with Civolution to “develop new solutions for monetizing content.” 
 Civolution’s lead investor since its spin-off from Philips Prime Technology Ventures has committed to provide the necessary funding endorsing the company’s strategy to build further on its position as a leader in content identification technology and services in the media industry. “We are delighted to support Civolution with this next strategic step to industry leadership in line with PTV’s investment strategy ” says Sake Bosch founder and managing partner at PTV.
 Civolution Prime Technology Ventures Thomson ,1125
Doremi Signs Deal with Italy’s Digima,2009-07-29,Doremi Cinema has signed an agreement for distribution and cooperation with the Italian company Digima Italy. The agreement covers the supply and installation of Doremi servers in Italy including the provision of alternative content provided by Digima cinemas in the country. The locations now equipped with Doremi Digital Cinema technology include the Stardust Multiplex in Tortona (comprising eight rooms with over 1 000 seats) the Metropolis Multisala in Castelletto Ticino (the first Italian cinema totally digitalized) the Multisala Gloria in Milan (an historic cinema founded in 1928) the Politeama Dianese in Diano Marina the Cinema Ariston in Sestri Levante the Cinema Centrale in Santa Margherita Ligure and the very famous Multiplex Arcadia in Melzo (Milan). More recently other multiplexes including the Albenga Multiplex the Cinema Eliseo in Cesena three important cinemas of Movie Planet Group the Mulitsala Cristallo Multiplex Cinergia and Multisala Charlie Chaplin in the region of Veneto have also made the switch to digital cinema based on proposals by Digima. All the new digital rooms include Doremi Cinema DCP-2000 servers Christie Digital projectors and 3D technology including Xpand RealD kits for stereoscopic projection - together providing the backbone of the deployed digital cinema systems. ,1128
Emagine First to Self-Finance Digital Expansion through Cinedigm’s Phase 2 Program ,2009-07-29,Emagine Entertainment a Michigan-based cinema chain will participate in Cinedigm's Phase 2 digital cinema deployment program and will be the first exhibitor to do so through self-financing. Emagine is one of Cinedigm's first Phase 1 deployment program exhibitor partners and has been utilizing their networked digital cinema systems since late 2005. Cinedigm will provide networked digital cinema systems including Christie DLP Cinema projectors to the ten screens at Emagine's new Woodhaven Michigan location. Christie Managed Services will be providing the long-term service agreement for this theatre. Under this new agreement Emagine will become a senior lender to Cinedigm's Phase 2 deployment subsidiary. Cinedigm's subsidiary will make regular payments to Emagine based on an agreed-upon schedule similar to those of other long-term lenders. We've had great success with Cinedigm's digital cinema systems. Their technology has enabled us to bring unique cutting-edge programming to our customers. Events like the live 3D showings of the BCS and NBA games help set Emagine apart from competitors and is the reason we want to expand our relationship with Cinedigm to our new location says Paul Glantz founder of Emagine. We're pleased that Cinedigm has worked with us to create this self-financing option which enables us to invest further in a business that is revolutionizing the movie-going experience. Emagine is breaking new ground with us creating an innovative financing template for Cinedigm's rollout. This trend of self-funding by theatre owners is important given the ongoing growth of the theatre industry and the current lack of financing from traditional channels. We are confident that with the help of partners like Emagine our Phase 2 deployment will continue to progress as planned says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. Cinedigm is pleased that our first exhibitor from our Phase 1 deployment has engaged us for Phase 2. We have valued our relationship with Emagine over the years and look forward to adding their new location to the growing number of screens contracted to our Phase 2 program for up to 10 000 digital cinema projection systems says Chuck Goldwater president of Cinedigm's Media Services Group. Cinedigm Digital Cinema ,1129
Intel-A-Jib Provides Key Support for Fred & Vinnie Shoot
 ,2009-07-29, Matthews Studio Equipment’s Intel-a-Jib provided key support for the Steve Skovan (writer/executive producer Everybody Loves Raymond) directed independent feature Fred and Vinnie. When cinematographer Jason Tomaric and key grip Thomas Hunt began prepping for the short 18-day shoot they knew they needed equipment that would help them move fast and capture multiple moves at the same time. They say they’re pleased with the Intel-a-Jib. “It was easy to construct and gave the grip department a chance to throw it together at a moment’s notice ” says Hunt. “While other jibs usually shake and sway in the elements the Intel-a-Jib stands up to wind well on exterior day and night set ups. With the amount of camera movement in our movie the Intel-a-Jib gave us the ability to add a few more axis to our dolly moves. The ease of the build and operation as well as the ability to transport quickly gave us the chance to bring it out on a whim. It also made our high and low angle shots much more dynamic.” Intel-a-Jib a unique modular jib system that can go from zero to ten feet in two minutes without tools features an innovative V-Lock Connector which makes assembly and disassembly simple and fast without wires or cable. The one-piece X-Box Extrusion offers superior anti-deflection and anti-torsion properties resulting in a lightweight jib with a great load capacity and smooth operation. The Intel-a-Jib can accept virtually any camera package. Intel-a-Jib is offered exclusively through Matthews Studio Equipment. ,1131
The National Film Board of Canada Content Now Available to Airlines,2009-07-29,The National Film Board of Canada’s collection is now available to airlines around the world. Canada’s public film producer and distributor has signed an exclusive airline distribution agreement with Skeye Inflight Entertainment to offer its catalog to airlines worldwide operating outside of Canada. “We are thrilled to explore this new market ” says Johanne St-Arnauld the NFB’s director general of distribution. The NFB is seen on television in classrooms and on DVD in over 60 countries worldwide. This new partnership with Skeye will allow us to extend our reach and introduce our rich collection of original programming to an even broader audience. It is a fantastic way to promote our work of the last 70 years and a beautiful way for our films to travel.”   “I am thrilled to add the prestigious NFB collection to my current library. The Film Board has garnered more Oscar nominations than any production company or organization outside Hollywood and I look forward to finding innovative ways to promote its catalogue abroad ” says Isabelle Bégin president and founder of Skeye. The National Film Board of Canada Skeye ,1135
Otto Nemenz Takes Delivery of Ten Sony F35 Cameras,2009-07-29,Band Pro has announced that renowned rental house Otto Nemenz International has taken delivery of ten new Sony F35 cameras. The F35 CineAlta camera system captures 10-bit and 4:4:4 images from a single Super 35 size sensor at variable frame rates from 1-50fps. The sensor size allows cinematographers to use familiar and comfortable 35mm PL mount optics.      Now celebrating its 30th anniversary Otto Nemenz International is known throughout the industry for supplying the highest quality motion picture cameras and equipment available. Company president Otto Nemenz says “With the help of our friends at Band Pro we're finally making the move to high definition. When they showed us the Sony F35 camera we knew it was time. We take pride in offering our clients only the best products. The F35 together with our existing cine Cooke Angenieux and Zeiss PL mount lenses gives us a system we're proud to put our name on.” With offices in Burbank New York Tel Aviv and Munich Band Pro Film & Digital is one of the most recognized suppliers of high definition equipment from Sony cameras to lenses audio power supplies lighting and more. Pictured left to right: Alex Wengert general manager rentals Otto Nemenz Ryan Sheridan head of digital department and Fritz Heinzle marketing all from Otto Nemenz International and Amnon Band president Band Pro Film & Digital. ,1136
Post Logic Studios Restores Scientific Films for the National Archive,2009-07-29,Post-production facility Post Logic Studios a division of Prime Focus Group is completing restoration of more than 80 scientific micro-cinematography short films developed by world-renowned academics and funded by the National Science Foundation. The films were commissioned beginning in 1967 through the mid-1970s using a $20 million grant from the NSF as part of a push to close a perceived scientific gap between the US and the former Soviet Union. They were originally intended to be archived at the Library of Congress and are even listed in the catalog but were never delivered after the NSF funds became depleted. Evolutionist and distinguished University of Massachusetts professor Lynn Margulis has been using a selection of the EDC films each semester since she first began her Environmental Evolution course at Boston University in 1972. The prints eventually became faded and discolored and were retired to the non-book section at the Smith College library while the film masters thought to be lost languished in a Massachusetts warehouse. These films are timeless national treasures and even with funding equivalent to 100 times the original National Science Foundation grant they could not be recreated Margulis says. Evolution is a slow process and the cells and tissue interactions of organisms do not change even over millennia. I consider the restoration of these films for delivery to the Library of Congress to be my most important contribution to the world of science. Working on a Spirit DataCine film scanner Post Logic colorist Alex Berman cleaned and digitized the 16mm films painstakingly balancing the black white and mid-range tones to achieve the final look of the source material. The important thing was to maintain the integrity of the original prints Berman says. We wanted to make these films a pleasure to view without changing any of the natural coloration. The goal was to push a little more light through so everything looks vibrant and sharp. The Spirit captures so much detail which is great because it really highlights the features of the cells-the particles inside are nice and clear. The biggest challenge working with these microscopic images was the lack of any external references Berman says. If you see a car you know that the tire should be black but there are no visual references like that for a cell. This makes it much more difficult to know for certain that the colors have been balanced correctly. The films were shot in the late sixties by a team led by British natural history filmmaker Joseph V. Durden and produced under the direction of some of the world's leading scientific experts many of whom are now deceased. Ranging from between three and 20 minutes the irreplaceable films explore developmental biology and other living phenomena with time-lapse 16mm color micro-cinematography. One film provides view of Nobel Laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini who turned 100 this year and her pioneering work with nerve growth factor a protein substance that attracts regenerating nerve cells. Another depicts the live meeting of sperm and egg in ferns exemplifying plant sexuality. One 14-minute film narrated by Durden displays all six developmental stages of the population explosion potential of a flatworm Cryptocotyle lingua which is similar to a parasite that causes liver fluke disease in humans and is invaluable to researchers and students of parasitology. Post Logic Studios ,1137
Real Digital Media All-in-One Digital Signage Display Available Now,2009-07-29,Real Digital Media has announced the availability of an all-in-one digital signage display combining the Samsung MXn-series LCD displays with Neocast Media Player software.   The combined solution includes a range of Samsung's MXn-series displays with embedded PC and Real Digital Media's Neocast Media Player software. This turnkey solution provides an elegant option for customers seeking a digital signage application to promote their business products and services. Real Digital Media’s Neocast digital signage platform is recognized throughout the industry for its ease of use reliability and performance.   Michael Baron president of Real Digital Media says We are pleased to support Samsung’s all-in-one display device with our Neocast solution. The solution eliminates the need for a separate PC or media player making it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate into a working environment. Furthermore this opens the Neocast digital signage platform to a broad array of distribution channels that have been searching for a straightforward digital signage solution to meet customer demands.”   The embedded PC will be pre-installed with the Windows XP Embedded Operating System and the Neocast Media Player firmware. At installation the display is simply connected to a broadband source and it is ready to communicate with the Neocast Media Server. The Neocast Media Server is delivered as a software as a service and is designed to manage the network content downloads and playlists.   Real Digital Media Samsung