Panavision to Rent Phantom HD Cameras

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Sun, 10/26/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Panavision has announced an agreement with Abel Cine Tech and Vision Research for the acquisition of Phantom HD high-speed digital cameras. The contract means that the Phantom HD cameras and custom accessories will be available for rent in a complete system package with Panavision optics including anamorphic lenses. Abel Cine Tech the exclusive North American agent for Vision Research’s Phantom HD and 65 is supplying the camera systems technical support and training to Panavision.
The Phantom HD capable of recording up to 2048x2048 resolution captures motion like no camera before it in the entertainment industry. At full HD resolution (1920x1080P) frame rates of over 1 000 frames per second can be recorded played back and accessed immediately. Its circular in-camera buffer recording enables cinematographers to “trigger” the camera before during or after the event being photographed. These and other features enable a world of high-speed imaging possibilities previously unattainable in movies television shows and commercials.
 The 35mm sized CMOS imager accommodates all standard Panavision lenses including anamorphic and has the same depth of field characteristics as Panavision’s 35mm film and digital cameras including Genesis. 
Each Phantom HD camera system from Panavision will include two newly introduced products the 512 GB CineMag flash storage magazine and the CineStation download station. These products speed up production and enhance workflow on set and off. Panavision is the first to supply this full system (2 CineMags and 1 CineStation) to each Phantom HD Camera package.
 “We’re very pleased to help create a digital standard for high-speed cinematography by offering the Phantom HD camera to our feature film television and commercial customers ” says Bob Beitcher president and CEO of Panavision. “The combination of Panavision’s lenses Vision Research technology and Abel Cine Tech know-how will change how the industry looks at high-speed imaging.” 
 Peter Abel president of Abel Cine Tech agrees. “Our strategic relationship with Panavision moves Phantom HD into an arena we have eagerly sought since the camera’s inception. With their experience and unique position in the market we couldn’t hope for a more accomplished partner than Panavision to make this objective a reality.” 
The complete Phantom HD camera package with Panavision lenses is now available for rent at select Panavision offices around the world. 
 Abel Cine Tech Panavision Vision Research