Panavision to Present Cinematography Workshops at Camerimage

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Mon, 11/09/2015 - 14:33 -- Nick Dager

Panavision will host two seminars at the 2015 Camerimage International Film Festival, which runs November 14-21 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Dan SasakiPanavision’s Cinematography Workshop will feature demonstrations from Markus Förderer (Stonewall), Eduard Grau, AEC (Suffragette) and Ellen Kuras, ASC (A Little Chaos) shooting various scenes that compare spherical, anamorphic and larger sensor formats. The workshop will be held November 17 in the MCK – Orzel Cinema.

Later in the day, festival goers will have a chance to hear from Panavision’s Dan Sasaki, vice president of optical engineering, on the technical and artistic characteristics of Panavision’s anamorphic and large format lenses, including Ultra Panavision 70. The discussion will give the audience a chance to see the different aesthetic options, hear about the technical aspects of each format, and ask questions. Both panels will be moderated by industry writer Benjamin B.

Camerimage attendees will also have a chance to visit Panavision in the Opera Nova exhibit area and see an array of optics including a sneak preview of the new T Series anamorphic lenses, which are designed exclusively for digital cameras. Also on display will be an expanded offering of Primo 70 lenses, which are optimized for large sensor digital cameras.

Additionally, festival goers will be able to get up close with the Millennium XL Millennium Falcon camera used by Dan Mindel BSC, ASC on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the Ultra Panavision 70 camera and lenses used by Robert Richardson, ASC on The Hateful Eight.