Panavision Introduces the Millennium DXL2 Camera

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Fri, 02/02/2018 - 13:36 -- Nick Dager

Panavision has introduced the Millenium DXL2 8K camera, which the company says is the heart of a complete imaging ecosystem designed from filmmakers’ perspectives. The new camera incorporates Panavision’s optics and camera architecture, the Red Monstro 8K VV sensor, and Light Iron color2 science (LiColor2).

Panavision has introduced the Millenium DXL2 8K camera.The DXL2 builds on the success of the Millennium DXL and benefits from Panavision’s unique and storied partnership with cinematographers, whose real-world experience and input are manifested in the DXL2’s many significant advances.

“The Millennium DXL2 8K camera system was conceived with the goal of maximum creative control from the moment of capture through delivery and display,” says Michael Cioni, senior vice president of innovation at Panavision and Light Iron. “Panavision’s vast inventory of advanced large-format and anamorphic optics combined with Red’s Montsro imager expands what’s possible, allowing filmmakers to create radically inventive and powerfully cinematic images, customized for the needs of the project and the vision of creative teams.”

Since its introduction, the DXL has been used on more than 20 feature films, and countless television shows, commercials and music videos. Oscar nominee John Schwartzman, ASC, photographed two features on the DXL and is among those who have tested the DXL2, providing input that has guided the design.

Schwartzman says, “When you take an 8K image and super-sample it, it only gets better. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at. For me, the Millennium DXL2 is a no-brainer. It’s something I would use on anything. It does it all. And in fact, I’m currently planning to shoot my next feature with it.”

New to the DXL2, LiColor2 streamlines the 8K pipeline, smoothly handling the workflow and offering convenient and quick access to high-quality Raw images, accommodating direct to edit without delays.

“We are proud to provide an ecosystem of tools that gives filmmakers more choices to express their vision,” said Panavision CEO and president Kim Snyder. “We have been listening to feedback from cinematographers and the results of our collaboration are directly manifested in the DXL2. We remain committed to continuous technological development and are excited to bring this new camera to market.”

DXL2 cameras are available now to rent exclusively from Panavision on a worldwide basis.