Pacific ArcLight Installs 17 NEC Projectors in Time for Avatar Premiere

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Thu, 12/10/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Pacific ArcLight in Los Angeles has installed 17 NEC 3D digital cinema projectors in preparation for the premiere of Avatar December 18th. 

“We found the NEC NC2500S-A projectors to be a great fit for us especially with the new higher light output for amazing picture quality ” says Joe Miraglia Pacific’s director of design construction and facilities. “We’re very excited to be 100 percent ready to bring Avatar to our audiences and in fact we are premiering the film at midnight on December 17 at ArcLight Hollywood Cinerama Dome as well as ArcLight Sherman Oaks.” Pacific Theatres and ArcLight Cinemas have installed NEC digital cinema projectors in 10 locations throughout Los Angeles including ArcLight Hollywood which has 825 seats and a screen size of 28 feet by 86 feet.   A major reason for the projector upgrade was to show 3D feature movies although the theaters will use the projectors to show many popular movies in standard format too.   ArcLight Hollywood ArcLight Sherman Oaks Northridge Fashion Center and Glendale Stadium 16 all have NEC projectors with 3D capabilities in the largest auditoriums of each individual complex. “Audience expectations are pretty high these days.  There are great 3D movies coming out and NEC digital cinema projectors are transforming the audience experience ” says Jim Reisteter general manager digital cinema division NEC Display Solutions.  “Our customer Pacific ArcLight is sending a message that they are a great destination for 3D releases and this translates to strong box office performance.” NEC