Oxido Installs Multiple FilmLight Daylight Systems

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Thu, 08/27/2015 - 11:54 -- Nick Dager

Oxido has installed FilmLight Daylight systems.Oxido, one of the leading post houses in Mexico, has invested in new Daylight on-set grading systems from FilmLight. The Daylight systems have been fitted into two data management vehicles that can be driven to studios or locations to provide digital dailies and start the grading process.

Daylight is designed to provide a one-stop dailies service. It accepts raw data from all the leading camera manufacturers, automatically handling all the color science and de-Bayering to create a viewing copy. It also allows the director and DP to add color decisions up front, so when the first files reach the editorial and VFX stages every day, they already start to look like the final version.

Oxido has two Baselight suites in its OxidoFilms operation, supervised by colorist Fernando Medellin, expert in films and advertising. Color grading files created in FilmLight’s Baselight Linked Grade format in Daylight can be transferred alongside the media, so colorists see the decisions made on set immediately. Daylight also synchronizes audio – essential for the editorial outputs – and allows the director and DP to attach notes to each shot, providing helpful guidance for the editor.

“Our aim is to make the workflow as seamless as possible, and Daylight has played a large role in achieving this,” said Eduardo Sanchez, executive producer of Oxido. “It has been an incredible addition to our growing collection of FilmLight products due to its versatility on set, from quick and flexible grading to audio synchronization and transcoding.

“Being able to export BLG files directly from Daylight and into Baselight relieves us of having to worry about changing color spaces or re-doing client-specific calibrations designed on set,” he said. “The rapid render times also mean we can deliver high quality material to the editor at the end of each filming day.”

Marco Rodriguez, CEO of Oxido, said, “Since the installation of Daylight, the feedback has been remarkable. Most of the comments are about how quickly we can get the job done – without compromising quality in anyway. By offering diversified and fast production-to-post services we stay ahead of our competition, which helps us keep our existing customers happy and reach new clients.”