Otto Nemenz Acquires Fujinon Zoom Lenses

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Wed, 12/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Los Angeles rental company Otto Nemenz International has updated its lens inventory to include new 18-85mm T2.0 zoom lenses from Fujinon with additional lens purchases on the horizon. It is the first facility in North America to offer Fujinon PL lenses for rental. Otto Nemenz International recently jumped into digital acquisition rental with the purchase of 10 Sony F35 cameras. This is in conjunction with its large active inventory of film cameras. Nemenz is looking to meet the imaging demands of today and into the future with the new Fujinon lenses. Top lens performance is critical to my company's reputation and success says CEO Otto Nemenz. As far as performance goes these are the best zoom lenses we have tested. They have already been used very successfully on both digital and film 35mm productions by some of our top clients. The 18-85mm T2.0 is the first model available from Fujinon's new family of PL series zooms designed for the latest digital and film PL mount cameras. The other three zooms will be available in early 2010. Fujinon's PL series zooms offer focal ranges covering 14.5 to 400mm including: 14.5-45mm T2.0; 18-85mm T2.0; 24-180mm T2.6; 75-400mm T2.8-T3.9. The PL series feature the fastest T speeds available in a family of zooms with unprecedented color matched 4k optical performance. All four zooms are of similar in size and weight. Consistent gear placement and (136mm) front barrel diameters enable quick and efficient lens changes. Pictured left to right: Alex Wengert general manager; Ryan Sheridan digital engineering; Otto Nemenz founder and president; Fritz Heinzle marketing manager. Fujinon