Otto Nementz Now Offer Red Epic-M Dragon Monochrome

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Wed, 09/10/2014 - 16:20 -- Nick Dager

The Red Epic-M Dragon MonochromeOtto Nemenz International is now offering the new Red Epic-M Dragon Monochrome camera. Otto Nemenz specializes in the rental and support of high-end digital cinema cameras, lenses, and accessories to the Hollywood community and beyond.

“Our reputation is everything. Our clients know we don’t just throw our name behind the cool toy of the day,” says Otto Nementz marketing manager Fritz Heinzle. “This unique camera item is what our clients expect from us.”

The Red Epic-M Dragon Monochrome joins the Otto Nemenz fleet of Epics that have now been converted to Dragons. Engineered exclusively for black and white cine and still photography, the camera is rated natively at ASA 2000 and uses its unique sensor pattern to achieve optimum 6K-resolution and extended dynamic range (16.5+ stops). This dedicated black and white camera takes advantage of greater light sensitivity and tonal transfer in gradients that far exceeds the monochromatic quality of a color image converted to black and white.

Like all Red cameras at Otto Nemenz, the Monochrome Dragon has been surrounded with the Otto Nemenz Red camera cage. Heinzle adds,“This custom modification makes the camera function like every other camera in our inventory. No special power or interface cables and no custom brackets or accessories are needed. So there’s no mess to deal with to make the camera work.”

Otto Nemenz