Oriental Post in Bangkok Upgrades its Facility

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Sat, 03/27/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Bangkok post house Oriental Post has added technology from DVS to offer an even broader array of services to its customers including a Clipster and a SpycerBox SAN. 
“With Clipster and SpycerBox we have invested in superior cutting-edge technology that completes our DI infrastructure and helps us meet our customers’ requirements ” says Bobbie Wong president at Oriental Post. “We’re very pleased with our choice of DVS technology to tackle the latest demands of DI post production.” The Clipster decodes and demosaics Red RAW files in 4K 12 bit RGB mode in real-time. RAW data can be directly displayed edited in the timeline and played out in parallel in 4K. The Clipster also enables the generation of DCI Masters in 3D. 
With SpycerBox high-resolution projects can be transferred quickly and reliably. All workstations can access the SpycerBox not only as a SAN system but also network-attached storage. 
Eric Augereau sales director region Asia Pacific at DVS says “Oriental Post is Thailand’s number one post-production facility not least because they were the first ones in Asia to introduce DI workflows. With DVS’s tailor-made systems Oriental Post has chosen future-proof solutions that will assist them to continue leading the way in the post production industry.” Oriental Post www.orientalpost.co.th DVS www.dvs.de